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My World: Native Plant Reserve

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Native Plant Reserve
I took a trip down to the Native Plant Reserve in Highland Park last week. And when I say “down”, one does go down: Highland Park is on a little hill, and the Native Plant Reserve is down by the Raritan River. It looks bare now, but in the spring many new buds will open up.

Native Plant Reserve
In the spring I’ll come back and photograph the little signs and their accompanying plants.

This tree looks proud. The little sign below says it is a white oak.

 More about the Native Plant Reserve.

Ilana-Davita says

Nie place, thanks for sharing more of HP with us. I like it wwhen the name o f the plants are provided.

Yen says

A day in that place would be nice! Lovely shots of the surrounding:)


Fishing Guy says

Leora: A beautiful view of your little park.

Luiz Ramos says

Nature Reserves are very important areas.
Thanks for share it.

Klaus says

Nice place to visit!
Cheers, Klaus

Ewok says

Glad you showed us this place in the "off season". I like going to places like this when the crowd thins out.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Louise says

What a nice place. I can hardly wait until Spring!

Leslie says

Looks like a really neat place to visit during all the different seasons. :D

hadassah says

u have been tagged

Robert V Sobczak says

We have live oaks and laurel oaks down here in south Florida. And speaking of seasons, we just had our first day of fall down here in south Florida: average night time lows dropped below 60 degrees.

Sylvia Kirkwood says

Leora, lovely photos, it must be beautiful and different during each season. Thanks for sharing!

Susan says

I love the White Oak against such a blue sky: that's a lovely shot.

Thank you for the 'visit' to the Reserve!

babooshka says

I love nature reserves. Nothing better than a walk round to clear the mind.

Michelle says

Nice to have that as a resource as I have just started to learn about the importance of planting native plants. Glad you like Winnie-the-Pooh also...

Wren says

Oh, I love native plant gardens. Thanks for sharing this one - nice contrast to the urban joys from last week.

Carletta says

It will be really nice when the time comes for you to show us the differnce the blooms make. It looks like you had beautiful skies to walk around under.

Robin says

Looks like a beautiful place to spend a nice afternoon.

Gemma says

Bare trees have an artistic beauty that is very special! Beautiful shots displaying just this!

Leena says

This kind of places are very, very important.
What is difference with National Park or is there any differencies,
same goal anyway, to reserve a nature also for our grandkids.
Thank you for the post!

pcpach says

We have many white oak up here in New England. Don't see man that have white bark though. Most have an ashen gray color to them.

Brit' Gal Sarah says

A lovely little par and great tree

Dee says

I think idea of Native plant gardening is always a cool idea.

Laura says

we have several white oaks in our yard and some red oaks too the deer and squirrels so love them and will come eat for hours it seems... what a wonderful preserve you have there!

bevson says

I never knew that Highland Park had a Native Plant Reserve and I lived in NB for 7 years. I'll have to make a point to get down there in the Spring.

Erin says

i am looking forward to your springtime photo shoots.
have a good t-day.

Lilli says

Beautiful reserve park, i bet it is pretty in the spring and summer


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