My World: Raritan Avenue

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Raritan Avenue is the main street that runs through our little borough of Highland Park, New Jersey. It is a state highway, Route 27, so its name changes when it crosses the bridge over the Raritan River into the larger city of New Brunswick.

tree on Raritan Avenue
One of the nice features of Highland Park is that it is a walkable town. When my son was a toddler (he’s now 14), we used to walk to Raritan Avenue to see the trucks. The above photo was taken on Veteran’s Day; that’s why there are lots of American flags on display.

At one end of Raritan Avenue are some auto businesses. Some of the leaders in Highland Park would like to see these businesses go elsewhere (to Woodbridge Avenue), so that retail shops can be opened here. It is a subject of controversy.

construction on Raritan Avenue
Construction and fixing of something or another is a common sight.

There’s an Available sign in this now closed Corner Confectionery shop. Businesses come and go; too many of these For Lease signs.

 See my favorite toy store on Raritan Avenue
 View the Memorial Day Parade down Raritan Avenue

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