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My World: Raritan Avenue

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Raritan Avenue is the main street that runs through our little borough of Highland Park, New Jersey. It is a state highway, Route 27, so its name changes when it crosses the bridge over the Raritan River into the larger city of New Brunswick.

tree on Raritan Avenue
One of the nice features of Highland Park is that it is a walkable town. When my son was a toddler (he’s now 14), we used to walk to Raritan Avenue to see the trucks. The above photo was taken on Veteran’s Day; that’s why there are lots of American flags on display.

At one end of Raritan Avenue are some auto businesses. Some of the leaders in Highland Park would like to see these businesses go elsewhere (to Woodbridge Avenue), so that retail shops can be opened here. It is a subject of controversy.

construction on Raritan Avenue
Construction and fixing of something or another is a common sight.

There’s an Available sign in this now closed Corner Confectionery shop. Businesses come and go; too many of these For Lease signs.

 See my favorite toy store on Raritan Avenue
 View the Memorial Day Parade down Raritan Avenue

Yen says

Looks like a very peaceful place! Nice photos and thanks for the share:)

Ilana-Davita says

That's what I should have done rather than wait for RT to be up; but then I quite like that meme too. There seems to be so many of them now.
Thanks for sharing your photos with us. I like the presence of the trees.

SaraG says

Great tour of your part of the world!!
Thanks for sharing.
And Thanks for commenting on my blog.
Take care.

marcia@joyismygoal says

that tree was so brilliant red It would make me smile each time I passed it

Ewok says

Love the photos. I like towns that are walker-friendly. Thanks for sharing your world.

G_mirage says

The maple trees are awesome against the blue sky. Stores closing down is a problem all around no, hope the businesses thrive...I like walking around neighborhoods, my kids and I are used to walking a lot with photoshooting that includes following the insects too! =D

Dina says

This is so good, getting to learn the normal parts of town where blogger friends live.
Ah, so you have bulldozers in action too!

Jientje says

it's so nice to see the place you live in, (even if there are road works and shops closing).It feels a little like walking alongside of you!
Those almond cookies look delicious too, I might want to try them some day, if I can figure out the quantities in grams instead of cups.
Loved the marigold between the dried leaves too.
I had a lot of catching up to do, sorry about that, it's been very busy here!

Maria says

The place you live in is very nice. Thank you for sharing!

Guy Dauphinais says

Great pics and great tour. Thanks for sharing!

Regina In Pictures

Maria says

Thank you Leora, there is some memory alive!

Laughing Orca Ranch says

Such a lively busy place, full of action and little pockets of beauty and tranquility.

Thanks for a view of your world today,
New Mexico, USA

Fishing Guy says

Leora: Thanks for sharing the neat look of your town. It's nice of you to share.

jeanne says

I love glimpses like this of where people live. Did pretty much the same myself this week.

Ralph says

That is a nice looking town center. Unfortunately, it was designed long before the NJ sprawl and all the cars. But charming is the term I'd use here!

You wondered about my dad. In the Berlin picture, he changed jobs less than a year later to corporate PR, which included lots of writing assignments. I'm sure today he would be appalled with the current advocacy journalism...

babooshka says

Fascinating virtual walk around your world.

Carletta says

A walking town. I think those are the best kind Leora.
Nice post of your main street.

Mason says

Nice reminder of why we live in Highland Park! It is indeed one of the few towns in NJ where most of what you need is within walking distance, which is one of the reasons I moved here!

April says

I enjoyed your pictures of Raritan Avenue and the beautiful autumn trees. Also, your Mandelbread looks delicious.

Leslie says

Thanks for the nice tour of your town! Looks like you had a nice sunny day for Veterans Day. It rained here!

2sweetnsaxy says

Great series of a day to day neighborhood. It's funny how our neighborhoods can basically look the same which kind of connects us as really living in the same big neighborhood. :-)

Rural Writer says

Great tour of your town. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle says

It's nice to get a real sense of where people live...

lawstude says

looks like a traffic is building. you live in a busy street i suppose. great job and thanks for sharing your world.

Robin says

I haven't been there in nearly 20 years, but it looks just the same :).

Arija says

A nice homely town you live in, thanks for sharing.

Erin says

thank you for sharing your corner of the world with all of us...i so enjoy seeing bits and pieces of every where.
have a lovely week.


Wren says

I wouldn't have guessed it was a good town for walking. I can see where seeing the trucks would be a fun outing for a young boy, however.

Louise says

It looks so "hometown" there. Your sky is brilliant. And I think there is road construction everywhere.

jean says

Thanks for the tour. Look like a busy world.

The Jewish Side says

Nice pictures. I've never seen a sign like that where it puts a limit on when you can make a left turn.

And that's great that it's a walkable town.

EZH says

I stumbled accross this blog and it made me so nostalgic! I was born in HP and lived there until i was 18 when I made Aliyah- but these pictures bring back such great memories of my childhood!

Leora says

EZH, well, I hope you will come back! I've gotten more pics in my camera, and I hope some will make it up for Sky Watch today.

I love looking at pics of Israel, so we're even. Sort of.


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