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Thematic Photographic: Broken

broken pottery shard
I did pottery for about ten years. I haven’t found a studio locally that I like, but maybe when my kids are older I’ll venture over to Raritan Valley Community College or back to Middlesex County College to take a pottery class again. It’s a very relaxing hobby. Anyway, my home is full of pottery that I’ve made. Accidents do happen, and someone who was quick to do the mitzvah of washing hands (before eating bread, Orthodox Jews wash hands with a mug and say a blessing) broke this washing mug that I made lovingly almost twenty years ago. Now I bury my favorite pottery in my garden, broken shards on display with my plants.

Carmi has a new theme, “broken”, for Thematic Photographic. What a great excuse to photograph my broken washing mug!

torsdag says

Hello Leora,
at the time when something is broken, you find out how you loved it.

Mojo says

Quite a poignant scene, especially in the context of the story. Wonderful shot, and bonus! I learned a little along the way.

Mckay K says

Hi Leora; I made pottery before my arthritis became so bad. I still have some pieces that I cherish. I gave most of it away as gifts. Actually it was made to be gifts.

Your broken mug made an interesting picture.

I, too, learned something along the way.

sealaura says

Hola! I agree with you when I saw broken wa the theme, all I could think about was sad times. I like your capture, very autumnal and broken!

The Jewish Side says

Sorry about your broking washing cup. But that's a positive attitude, that you were able to use it for the "broken" theme!

Pottery sounds like fun, enjoy it when you get back to it.

mother in israel says

Impressive the way you made something beautiful out of something normally thrown away.

janie says

lovely photo, I've worked as a potter and know just how attached you become to certain pieces, I really like your idea of burying them among the flowers, back to their origins as it were:)

Martha says

This is a perfect example of theme - it shows how broken can be beautiful. I love the idea of keeping the broken pieces in your garden!

Gordon Harrison says

it's fitting that broken clay pots etc. are returned to the soil. i take a hammer to mine to make the return a bit quicker.

where is Middlesex County college?

gord h., London

Michelle says

You do pottery too? You are talented Leora...I did update my vaseline post after your comments which were spot on. Thank you!!

Robin says

I like that you set it outside in the leaves, almost in a dust to dust sort of way.

I've always wanted to do a pottery class. Someday...

Leora says

Gordon, real potters smash pots. I haven't the heart.

Michelle, I haven't done it in years! Currently on the wish list.

Robin, I like the "dust to dust" bit.

PastormacsAnn says

Great photo for the "broken" theme. Sorry that you broke your pot but I'm impressed with your use of the pieces to make something else beautiful and hold onto the memory of your piece.


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