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Today’s Flowers: Fall Garden

rudbeckia with alyssum
Here are a few photos I took of my garden last week. Above is a rudbeckia, a black-eyed susan, peeking out from behind white alyssum.

azalea and andromeda shrubs
Pretty much all my annuals have now faded or died. In the spring I’ll photograph the azaleas, here shown with red leaves, that are under the andromeda shrub.

rose in November
A lonely pink rose in my backyard: sometimes we get roses on a warm winter day. But this past week brought frost each night; yesterday felt like January. Still no signficant snow, however.

Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. Thank you, Luiz, for this lovely and lively meme.

Denise BC says

Hello, Leora
Waiting for azalea, because the love. I know that while other copies of its wonderful garden.

Meire says

Hello, Leora

Very nice captures!


Yen says

Such a beautiful garden you have! Beautiful shots!~Mine is, HERE.

Ilana-Davita says

Lovely selection. Now we seem to get rose buds which never fully develop because of the cold.

RuneE says

That last rose was just what is need right now!

Luiz Ramos says

Beautiful your garden. Nice colors.

david mcmahon says

My favourite is that first shot!

A Living Nadneyda says

Love the azalea leaves! I purposely planted my garden with lots of bushes and tall grasses around the edges, so they would always be a variety of shades and textures throughout the year, long after the flowers are gone.

Maria says

Beautiful shots from your wonderful garden! I love the first picture best, the yellow petals look like a girl's hair :)

Gemma says

Delightful shots of an almost winter garden! I even love the parade of leaf tones! Quite magical!

ellen b says

How nice to still have color in the garden. Enjoy! Have a great Thanksgiving...

Sandra says

What a wonderful garden indeed! Thank you for your visit and greetings from Croatia.

2sweetnsaxy says

Great shots and they're so nice and clear. I like asylum. Made the mistake though of putting some where the water runs down a slope into my grass and now my grass keeps sprouting the stuff.

Cathy says

I'm looking forward to spring when I can see your azaleas in bloom!

arleena says

Beautiful flowers from your wonderful garden.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: You have such a lovely garden still growing, I have snow cover.

Mckay K says

Leora your garden is so pretty. I loved walking through it with you. Thanks.

Dina says

Wow, so much color! Ta'anoog!
Crocus, yes, that's it. Thanks for confirming what I suspected my little flower was. I'm not good at flower names, in either language.
Shalom shalom.

guild-rez says

Wonderful pictures..
- Cheers.

kbguy says

Happy Today's flowers. Mine is at

naturegirl says

You still have an abundance of color and blossoms in your garden!
I am so pleased to join the community of Todays Flowers group! NG

Leena says

Thank you for your comment and letting me know something about your grandmother`s history.
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I have many photos also from there, but not in my blog, even I put many photos from our journey to my blogspot blog last May.
If you have extra time, you could see those photos in this address:

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Nice Sunday evening to you, we had today snowstorm and still a wind is strong. Nothing harm did not happen.

Denise says

A delightful trio of photographs. You must have a wonderful garden. Lovely photos!

Michelle says

Nice that you still have some green..very pretty...

Carletta says

Beautiful to still have these in your garden!
We had two inches of snow this week.

lawstude says

amazingly beautiful. thanks for sharing not just one but loads of flowers. great job.

Lilli says

Lovely fall garden wish i had one. I have about 3 snapdragons left in the flower bed must get a photo of them before they die off

Mimi says

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

Luiz Santilli Jr. says

Hi Leora

Wonderful series of flowers very well captured!
Thanks for sharing!



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