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Watery Wednesday: Raritan River

Raritan River
After visiting the Native Plant Reserve in Highland Park, I went to the riverside and took some photos of the river. In this photo you can see the bridge for trains (thanks, Cosmic X) that go past College Campus of Rutgers University, over the river, and through the edge of Highland Park and Edison. I’m hoping to photograph the train tracks in a future post.
See Google Maps to see where this is.

Raritan River
I then turned and faced into the sun and photographed the bridge that leads from Highland Park into New Brunswick. The bridge is at the end of Raritan Avenue.

Raritan River
Here’s the same Route 27 bridge; you can see a bit of the office buildings in New Brunswick in this photo (I think that may be the Hyatt Hotel and further back, some condominiums).

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Watery Wednesday

Risa says

Lovely photos, as usual!
There, I've done the meme:
(Never do this to me again)

2sweetnsaxy says

Nice shots. The only river we have around L.A. is the L.A. river which is man-made and only has water in it after a really good rain. I still can't find a place to take a good shot of it.

Have a great Watery Wednesday! :-)

Guy Dauphinais says

Those are fantastic water pics, thanks so much for posting.

Regina In Pictures

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

I love the light shining on the river. It's mesmerizing.

Norm says

what a beautiful and peaceful river, nice shot!!!

Mojo says

I love the arches in the bridges and the way they reflect in the surface.

The Right Blue says

Nice work, Leora. I think I like the top one best.

Denise says

Hi Leora, great photos of the bridge. I love the framework of the trees and the reflection of the sun on the water is very pleasing.

Carletta says

Nice to see you here in Watery Wednesday Leora.
I love the first one with a look at that stone bridge. They just don't make them like that anymore.

Sara Chapman in Seattle says

Lovely, sparkly November sunshine. Nice ones!

Gemma says

Beautiful play of light on your water shots!

Robin says

I've always loved that bridge, but I mostly saw it from the College Ave side ;-).

Ilana-Davita says

Is the river as big as it seems? Lovely photos with varying hues of blue.

Natural Moments says

Native plant reserves are fun to visit. It helps one to understand their everyday surroundings all the more just as these photos do. Thanks for sharing your watery world. :)

Jientje says

I love to see pictures from where you live!
That river has such a lovely blue colour! Beautiful!

Darla says

Love the sun dancing off the water.

Gill says

lovely photos, love how you captured the light....

Gill in Canada

Michelle says

The water looks so blue and you had some sunshine...

Mary says

These are beautiful! What a wonderful view!

Cosmic X says

If I remember correctly:

The first bridge is actually for trains. The second one is the Rt. 18 Bridge, which I remember being built. There is, or used to be, another bridge that connected New Brunswick with the Busch Campus. It was old and rickety back then, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's gone.

Leora says

Cosmic X, you are right about the first one. The first bridge is for trains. I didn't get a picture of the Route 18 bridge, which is new and further down. I'm going to correct my post about the first one. The one you talked about is gone, replaced by the spanking new one, not in this post.

Cosmic X says


That link to Google Maps helped. I old rickety bridge was Landing Ln. There was a point in time where I was living on the "wrong side of the tracks", that is to say in the Cedar Lane apartments. Why was that the wrong side of the tracks? Because in order to get to Edison or Highland Park we had to cross those train tracks, which was a somewhat dangerous endeavor.

Robert V Sobczak says

Stone arched bridges have a nice aesthetic. A bridge over water is a beautiful thing.

Ellie says

Thanks for the tip! Trains are very much in admiration in my house:)


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