Benji, Israeli Cats and HH 193

kitten in the Old City
Benji at What War Zone? is hosting Haveil Havalim 193, Not Your Father’s Edition. If you click on it, you will see a photo that I’m not too crazy about (and some may find offensive?). But earlier this week he was posting about a cat called Humusface. If you click on that one, you will get a much cuter photo, but you won’t get a blog carnival with the best of the Jewish blogosphere, including two of my posts.

Why are there so many stray cats in Israel? My husband told me the British brought them over in the 1920s and 1930s to combat the rodent problem. When I was first in Israel in 1980, my aunt admonished me not to pet the stray cats. They were pretty straggly looking. As the economy has gotten better in Israel over the last thirty years, the stray cats have started to look better, as you can see by the kitten I photographed in the Old City of Jerusalem last July.

11 thoughts on “Benji, Israeli Cats and HH 193

  • One of my favorite children’s books was The Old Man and the Afternoon Cat – do you know it? A gruff old man who hated everything changed when he adopted (or shared adoption) of a cat – we also have an afternoon cat – my husband feeds a stray, who seems to only come around when my husband’s here (I feed the dogs :>)


  • I like the way the colors of the cat match the colors of the Yerushalayim stone and the metal gate.

    But I must confess to being one of those Israelis who aren’t fond of the many stray cats which are all over our neighborhood… 🙂

  • I see my post on Israeli cats has brought my Israeli commentators “opinionating” away…

    No, Klara, I haven’t read or even heard of that story.

  • I think I still might have it (hate throwing out the kids’ books, even tho my “baby” is almost 17). Next time you’re in Israel, let me know and I’ll show it to you. Even had a song in the book – from the grumbling song at the beginning to the love fest at the end.

  • Benji, I didn’t want to say anything on your site, because I know you’re a good guy. And I love your kitty posts. But I wasn’t too crazy about fat humor. Too many friends who struggle with overweight issues.

    Keep being a comedian. Crass humor is lousy.

  • I do agree with you….I wasn’t trying to make fun of overweight people. I was making fun of the carnival concept and that you might see a bearded lady, shortest man in the world, two headed dog, etc. I try not to make any judgments about such “conditions”. Is that a valid defense? Or is it still exploiting this guy by posting his picture? (I grabbed it from Google…it wasn’t hard to find.)

  • Benji, it was my gut reaction, that I really didn’t want to look at the image. I think a bearded lady might have been a bit better, maybe. Two headed dog would have been perfect. How can you argue with my “gut”?

    I’m sensitive, too. I don’t want to offend you by saying that I found the picture kinda yucky. But I did. I ruminated over how to say something without feeling like I was being a party pooper. On the other hand, I too often don’t say anything. That’s no good, either.

  • Well, about the cat…

    Leora, the cat in your picture does look kind of scraggly (is that even a word to me). In Modiin the cats are HUGE and behave like they own the place.

  • Baila, I just checked, scraggly is in the dictionary. OK, so maybe the cat situation hasn’t gotten better since 1980. You would know better than me.

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