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My World in Donaldson Park

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This is how Donaldson Park, a large county park on the edge of Highland Park, looked on December 23.

Here’s a similar view taken on December 17.

This is what I saw back on December 12.

Here we are on December 23 again. The park is empty now, except for those birds and an occasionally jogger or walker. But during the warmer months it is alive with ball players, kids in the playground, tennis players, picnickers, people admiring ducks and dogs (there is a little caged dog park). In the past year much construction has been going on in the park so only parts of it are usable. I previously photographed the edge of the park that borders on the river; in that photo, the foliage is at its peak.

Ewok says

Neat idea to show us some sort of a time lapse images. I love the panoramic view, last photo.

Happy New Year.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

It looks like a wonderful park to live near whether it's green or covered with snow. Looks like the ducks like it too!

baboohksa says

How one scene can look so different throughout the year. Looks like it's always a peaceful place whatever season.

imac says

Great and beautiful place.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: A beautiful look at the park through December. We are more of a roller coaster with our weather.

Mojo says

In that first shot I thought there was a pond in the middle and was thinking how cool it would be to be able to walk to the rink. But the "thawed" versions proved me wrong... Oh well.

Sounds like your weather is a whole lot more predictable than ours is. At least this time of year. In another few weeks it'll settle down some but we've been from 20's to 60's and even one day in the 70's and back again since the beginning of December.

Yesterday was just absurd... I was out in a t-shirt!

ramblingwoods says

It's been a strange month weather wise..

kayleen says

Looks like a lovely place to spend some time. Enjoy the contrast of no snow to snowy. Happy New Year!

Arija says

Nice park, I like the birds in the snow. At least jggers and dogs still use it in the winter.

Ilana-Davita says

Great photos. The top one is my favorite. The park looks quite big.

SandyCarlson says

Good grief, I have the chills. How very beautiful.

Lilli says

Our parks looked like that too last week, always looks nicer when it is full of people and green grass, well snow does give it a nice look too. Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy New Year

Lorri says

What lovely photos, and I love seeing the little ducks. Winter, although cold and often bleak, has its own beauty.

2sweetnsaxy says

Great shots. What a drastic change in so short a period of time.

Jennifer says

The sky in the third picture is awesome. Great shots.


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