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Ruby Tuesday In A Tunnel

how tall is the water
Sunday in New Jersey was bleary, gray and rainy. So instead of posting a new photo I went back in the photo files to early July, when we were about to explore the tunnels in the old, old City of David (learn how old by reading my previous post on our tour of the City of David). In this photo, my daughter is seeing how high the water might go up on her body when she travels in the wet part of the tunnel. In the end, my daughter and I went through the dry section of the tour, while my husband and two boys enjoyed fifteen minutes of sploshing around in the water to get to the other side.

Thank you to Mary for this meme where one can post any photo with a lot of red or a little red. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

ruby tuesday

People with Cameras says

lol - very cute!

felisol says

I hope I one day live to visit the city of David.
More of my cousins and uncles have been there, so I have heard lots of stories.
From Felisol

Mojo says

I think I'd have stuck with you and your daughter. Actually, I think I might've skipped the tunnel tour altogether... underground's not really my favorite thing.

No cute puppy this time, but if you need a fix I suggest
this post from this weeks' Thematic Photographic! Enjoy!

maryt/theteach says

Leora, I went to your post about the City of David. Thank you very much for so much information. Your daughter's picture is adorable! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Ha! I think you and your daughter made a wise choice. Your daughter is very cute!

Ralph says

Too cute, but parents can't take too many chances. I'm with you, I'd avoid the water (mostly because I travel on 24 volts).

What I find more interesting is David's palace, where so much was engineered as well as it was without using modern techniques, such a computers, geometry and trigonometry as today. Such as the water tunnel...the slope was perfect for the water to flow. this is a nice lesson for us in these days to not think that we are so far ahead of an ancient civilization...

Paz says

Aww! So cute! Love your Ruby Tuesday shot!


Patti says

I think I would stick with the dry part of the tour ;-)

Your daughter is beautiful, with such a sweet smile.

Happy Ruby Tuesday Leora!

Dora says

So she's around 120cm? Interesting shot. Happy RT! :)

Miranda says

Aww so cute!

Carletta says

I love this photo of your daughter - very cute!
I also went to your previous post on the tunnel. It was a very tight tunnel at least in places. She looked like she could barely squeeze through.

Vicki says

Cute girl, and a fun photo.

Michelle says

I am with your beautiful daughter on this one...Cute photo..

Bella Mocha says

Your City of David post is wonderful- and your RT I enjoyed too! I'm so glad I found your in a Jewish/ Christian household is constantly a learning experience and I have found much to read here. I'll definitely be back.
Happy RT!

Tink *~*~* says

What a cute little face! :) There's a harp or a lyre on both the shirt and the helmet of her cardboard cut-out "attire". I wonder what that's all about?

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Ilana-Davita says

Great choice. Very cute smiling daughter!

Yen says

That's a cute face indeed! Nice capture:)

Kitchenmaus says

Beautiful and fun shot! She is game with photo opps! Enjoy your week!

Robin says

Cute picture :). Would you believe I've never been there. At this point I think I'll just wait until Maya's a bit older and then take both the kids...

Dianne says

it was a very wet Sunday!

your daughter has the sweetest smile :)

me ann my camera says

Those sorts of 'put yourself in the picture' frames are so much fun for kids! Some of my favourite picture memories are of my three when they were young and we used to always stop and take advantage of such settings. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Catherine says

I don't know if I will succeed to post you my comment. It's the fourth time. Each time, my children disturb me, or the link doesn't work.
I wanted to tell you that it's a wonderful Ruby Tuesday, when the post shows a cute little girl face. Doesn't she look like you as I 've seen you on your picture of 66.

I add that I found your post about the City of David really, I mean REALLY interesting. You taught me so many historical details. I can recommend you to visit Dina at Jerusalem Hills Daily Photo. She is archeologist, maybe she could help to translate. Her blog is fascinating.
Thanks to share Your Ruby Tuesday and your tour, Leora.

Leora says

Catherine, I'm a regular visitor of Dina's! She's in my blog roll, as are many other Israeli bloggers. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour.

julie says

Awww precious little boy. What an amazing adventure that must have been!

Raven says

Cute photo. Such a sweet face.

Jientje says

That's a very cute Ruby Leora! I would prefer to do the dry section too!

Sara Chapman in Seattle says

What a sweet face. I have a picture of my daughter as well for Ruby Tuesday, much more grown up of course. Lovely photo you posted.


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