Do you have a sister? I don’t. I’ve always been a bit jealous of sisters. Someone to whom one could connect in a close way.

Rachel and Leah were extra special sisters. Do you know how they helped each other out? Rashi has the answer, and I’ll post the answer on the blog, soon.

14 thoughts on “Sisters

  • I didn’t have a sister either but always wished I had one. Now I am not so sure! Being the only daughter and sister has its good points.
    Nice way to introduce the parshah. I am still debating what I’ll deal with.

  • My sister and I are Rachel and Leah.
    We have the ages reversed though.

    My sister always wanted a sister. After 8 years of campaigning, my parents finally got her one.

  • I have a sister who is 3 years younger than me. She is an animal vet and lives in VA. We fought when we were little, but now laugh about it…it’s great to have a sister…

  • I hadn’t had a sister till I was 8 years old, and I sure did want one. Then I was very surprised when I got a little sister, She wasn’t really a pair with me since she was so much younger, but I did get to be the older sister and it was fun to have someone to take care of, love and cherish.

    I hadn’t known at that time that you can actually control how many children you have. I thought Hashem just gives each family a different amount. If I would have known, then I probably would have asked my mother to have more children earlier on!

    But yea, about this weeks Parsha, I knew that Rachel gave over the Simunim and helped Leah. But I wasn’t aware that Leah did anything in return.

  • I have 3 sisters and I am so thankful that I do. We each have very different personalities, but we are fiercely protective of each other. We love spending time together, and are able to argue and tease while still remaining respectful of each one’s choices. I love my sisters’ kids, and they love mine. And- most of all- they are the people whom I can always turn to, time and time again, when I need help. I’m sorry that you don’t have a sister, Leora. You’re missing out on something great. (Sorry!)

  • i don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but there is also a tradition that rachel died young because she did treat leah with the respect she deserved as an older sister.

    and i also never like leah. look at how she names her kids. it was all about a contest with rachel for who gets yaakov’s attention.

  • LoZ, do you mean “rachel died young because she did NOT treat leah with respect”? That’s fine with me. Shivim panim laTorah? 70 faces to the Torah?

    Wonder what you’ll think of my watercolor, if you don’t care for Leah. Coming soon.

  • I like Leah; I guess I feel sorry for her. I also like her name; it was quite popular in France in the past few years. My youngest cousin is called Leah and I’ve had several students called Leah but no Rachel.

  • I have a twin sister, making our relationship extra special. We pretty much know everything about one another…sometimes it’s a plus, sometimes it isn’t 😉

    You have a really beautiful blog!

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