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Sky Watch at HP High School

high school cupola
I discovered last week that Highland Park Public High School is a great spot for a Sky Watch post. I drove by a few days later and saw the cupola (is that the right term? more cupolas here) against a sky of blues and pinks. Too bad I was driving kids and had no camera with me.

In other news, my red berry tree from last week was ID’ed as a hawthorn. Here’s the post about the red berry hawthorn tree.

For more Skywatch participants, please visit:

Sky Watch Friday

Ilana-Davita says

A nice angle and thus a great capture. I don't get tired of bare branches and boughs against the sky.

ReaderWil says

It certainly is a very great spot to take sky photos with that tower in the background.

Dina says

Pretty fancy high school, with its own cupola. Good sky to go with it. Yofi!

Louise says

I think you are very right that it is a good photo opportunity. Probably any sky will look good with the trees and cupola. Very nice!

Jientje says

That sky looks almost Belgian!! Dark grey clouds, and full of drama!

Photo Cache says

Beautiful angle here. I learn something here, cupola. See you next week.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

This IS a good spot to take sky photos from, Leora. ;-)

Guy Dauphinais says

Great perspective, I really like this shot.

Regina In Pictures

jennwashere says

This is so wonderful! I love the clouds in this photo.

My SWF entries are posted here and here. Hope you can stop by, too. Happy weekends!

Robert V Sobczak says

The skies never cease to amaze. I carry around a guide book to clouds ... as the birds are always too fickle, and often too small for me to see ... whereas the clouds are just the right size and shape, and always right up there whenever I look.

Napaboaniya APAD says

A sky with a sense of mysterious :)

Ralph says

The school has a classic look, especially when set against that late autumn sky. If you didn't know it was a school, the classic lines could be almost like Independence Hall or some Revolutionary era building in Boston. A noce shot!

Fishing Guy says

Leora: Neat capture and you certainly got the term right. A cupola rising into the sky.

ramblingwoods says

Very dramatic and I hear bad weather is heading your way...stay safe

Eds says

Very nice shot! Love the angle as well :)

Arija says

Neat capture!

Gretchen says

Great catch! Happy SWF! :)

Wren says

Good capture of a great skywatch. Look forward to seeing lots more of the cupola.


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