Sky Watch: Berries and Sky

Hawthorn trees with beautiful crimson berries are all over Highland Park. This particular beauty is on Lawrence. Click on any of these to enlarge.

I couldn’t resist another post of hawthorn berry photos (see previous hawthorn berry tree).

This is as about as close as I can get to those berries without producing a blurry image (anyone want to buy me a new camera? The ones in the $3,000 range would do fine).

Same photo as above, cropped closer so it looks larger (thanks, Robin, for the idea).

This shot shows the thorns well.

It snowed two days ago, so I went around the corner to my local hawthorn tree and photographed these. Nice contrast to the bluer sky above.

I’m working on a post of Donaldson Park for My World, and I thought I’d throw in a sky above the park.

And here’s a gull, flying over the Raritan River.

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