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Sky Watch Sneakers

I’ve been photographing the sneakers hanging from lampposts on my block, because I like looking at the same subject in different light.

It snowed last Friday, and the sky looked whitish gray.

sneakers_bright sneakers_night lamp_center
These are actually two different lampposts, but both have sneakers hanging from them. I previously photographed the sneakers when the foliage was at its peak.

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Sky Watch Friday

Napaboaniya APAD says

I hope those ain't your boots hanging up there :P

Merry Christmas!!!

Olga says

I think it's a great idea to photograph the same thing over and over again.

Denise says

What a clever way to photo sneakers! Great shots!

imac says

Whos are they???
Brill post.

Steffi says

Great pictures! Merry Christmas!

Gemma says

Very interesting shots! In the second shot, the sneakers almost look like little birds huddling beneath the lamp post for protection from the snow!

Larry Jordan says

Hi Leora, I have seen several "shoe trees" in my time but never a "shoe lamp." Very interesting. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Hanukkah. Have a great New Year!

Rune says

Very nice photo! Happy holidays and brilliant new photo-year from Norway :o)

torsdag says

Hallo Leora,
I saw a bicycle hanging this way before but never shoes, hope they pulled them off right in time (-:
Wunderful idea for SWF

Ilana-Davita says

Great and good fun shots.

Grammy says

Great photos. I love the added shoes. LOL

Arija says

Pretty sneaky! Are all lamppost decorated in like manner in your town? Woul be a great ad for a marathin. LOL

Reluctantfarmchik says

I've always been puzzled by shoes hanging . . . you got quite a variety! In our area shoes over phone lines means drug activity. Makes me a bit nervous!

kayleen says

nice comparison of skies. merry christmas!

Erin says

i like the idea of photographing things in different lights, seasons and makes for creative and interesting results.
happy holidays from botetourt county virginia.

Robert V Sobczak says

I'm always losing shoes myself, so I understand the desire to put them near a lighted street lamp, and up high, where they cannot be easily lost.

shorty says

Thanks for visiting me! :)

I love the pics of the shoes...i remember watching Sesame street when i was a kid, and the opening scene would have shoes hanging from a street light.

Lilli says

Those are great photos, i love the shoes hanging from the posts. We have seen shoes in trees before, also on some elect wires.

vicky says

i wonder why there are sneakers. :)
well, nice one! :)

Jientje says

This is hilarious!! Now who in his right mind puts his shoes on a lamp post? And why? Happy Hannukah Leora!

Linda Jacobs says

Someone has a sense of humor! And you captured it! That's life! Love it!

Mojo says

If Monet were alive he'd have painted these from 50 different angles. These turn up on power lines around here all the time and I've never quite figured out how or why. Apparently it's a nationwide phenomenon though. Perhaps the perpetrators just like to make people wonder how they got there.

Leora says

Mojo, interesting that you mention Monet. I was thinking about his haystacks as I put this post together.

Linda says

This is something you might not want to know...but here in New Mexico, sneakers on a wire or pole are gang signs - something about marking their turf.

Leora says

No gangs hanging out on our block, mostly just families and older people with grandchildren here, quite quiet. But the public high school is two blocks away.

J. Andrew Lockhart says


ramblingwoods says

I've seen that around here too....

Tarolino, Finland says

Well well. Certainly a novel subject to photograph. I'd like to know who has had the guts and weird idea to climb up there to hang two pairs of sneakers up on the lamp. A lot of clothing items can be found all over the place here too but have never seen shoes hanging from lamps before. Usually it seems to be just the one sneaker or glove or even a pair of trousers that are found lying around.
Anyway an amusing subject and different from the rest of SWF I'm sure.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: Cool name and the picture is precious. Thanks for the neat SWF.

Lorri says

I love these photos! The comparison and contrasting are fantastic! Great eye, beautiful captures.


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