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Spend a Year in the Galil

A view from Mitzpeh Netofa, Galil, Israel taken in June 2008
A view from Mitzpeh Netofa, Galil, Israel taken in June 2008

If you are a religious Jewish girl finishing high school and ready to spend a year in Israel, there is now a great option available to you. I got an email from my cousin who lives in Mitzpe Netofa about a new program called Midreshet Netofa.

Just so the rest of us can at least talk about our envy, here are some highlights of this program:

  • Learn by going on hikes and touring.
  • Explore creativity in art: light and form, perspective and composition, technique, elements of drawing, photography.
  • Meet with olive growers, wine makers and farmers as you learn about mitzvot associated with the land.
  • Learn about Kashrut in the classroom, in the kitchen, and out in the field.
  • Visit art museums, cultural centers, and performing art complexes.
  • Connect texts to Mitzvot between man and his fellow man.
  • Create your own family genealogy in the art studio.
  • Develop individual expression through dance, movement and music.
  • Study texts (such as Judges or the Book of Esther) with a focus on women.
  • Participate in events throughout the country for Yom HaShoah, Yom HaZikaron, Yom HaAtzma’ut, and Yom Yerushalayim.
  • More here

And the people in Mitpeh Netofa are really nice; I’ve been there three times.

Any of this sound good to you? Play with this: if you could spend a year in this setting, what parts of this program would you most enjoy?

Ilana-Davita says

It makes me wish I was eighteen again. There are lots of parts of the program I would enjoy: the hikes, photography, kashrut, cultural visits, the ethical mitzvot, text study, etc

Helen says

Sounds's good to see more diverse post-hs programs like this one. We've got a long way off til mine goes..wonder what kinds of programs they'll have a decade from now!

Leora says

Truth is, part of my incentive if I could and was 18 again to go to Mitzpeh Netofa would be to be close to my cousins. They have been so helpful to me on all my trips to Israel. I get lonely, and they feel like home!

I would want to do just the art. And go on a hike to take some pics and then do more art. And then study a little Tanakh, so I can be inspired to do some art... maybe I should do this on my own some day.

Lion of Zion says

"Explore creativity in art"

my friend's artistic sister went to a seminary in israel that had an art program, but i don't where.

Chaykee says

This is such a needed program, i wish this was available to me when i went to seminary, instead i went to a place in Jerusalem and it honestly gets really dull really quickly when you're doing the same thing half a million other girls are doing. I've been to Mitzpeh Nitofa and what a wonderful place it is for an encouraging, motivating, and creative atmosphere. I would recommend anyone who sees themselves as an individual to seriously consider this program.

Miriam Leebhoff says

I know that if there was a program like this one, when it was my year in Israel, I think I would be there in a second! My cousins live there and I would go to the yishuv like twice a month. It was so relaxing,to just get on an egged bus, and the ride up there is abselulty beautful, and Mitzpe Nitofa.

Especialy if youre the type of girl that has a creative mind, loves nature and wants her experiance in Israel to be meaningful and enjoyible,

also Jerusalem is really not that far, its like the city,for me once in a while its fun, but it can get alitle overwelmig, but there are buses ALL the time, you can really go back and forth wheever you want..

Leora says

Chaykee and Miriam, thanks for writing about Mitzpeh Nitofa. Isn't it a great place? ;-)


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