Stuffed Squash Revisited

stuffed squash
Here’s the stuffed squash I made last week. Using Klara‘s idea of using shitake mushrooms, I sauteed some onions and mushrooms to stuff my squash. I also mixed in some chopped celery and sage from my garden, as well as bits of cooked buttercup squash. I didn’t use any animal products, but I must say I might have found it just a tad tastier if it had either a bit of cheese or some chopped meat. We humans do crave fat. On the other hand, my body felt much better eating it this way, a lighter food.

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9 thoughts on “Stuffed Squash Revisited

  • Good point. I find that most people only want a bit of something, especially when there is lots of other food. So I cut these up when serving. This one stuffed squash might make 4 or 6 side servings. But the stuffing then does tend to spill.

  • Good quality nuts adds the fat you might feel you are missing – also you can make a sauce over it – anything with tehina is delicious, and there you have more fat (You’d think I’m trying to fatten you up :>) ) One of the dishes in our quasi-Thanksgiving celebration (was really a birthday party, just happened to land on Thanksgiving) was a stuffed seitan, and the person grated the vegetables so they “stuck” together better. Also sometimes you can add something that helps hold the stuffing, like mashed tofu or a kuzu sauce (kuzu is like cornstarch, but much healthier). But falling apart or not, it looks lovely, colorful and very mouth watering.

  • Klara, thanks for the “fattening” it up in a healthy way ideas. I thought it was spelled “kudzu”; looked it up to discover it can spelled either “kuzu” or “kudzu”.

  • I made a stuffed acorn squash with fruit around RH time.

    I squeeze a bit of honey and cinnamon on the inside of the squash. I cut up a bunch of apples, pears and plums and strew them inside and around the squash. Sprinkle a bit more honey and cinnamon on the fruit outside the squash. Turn the squash cut side down. Pour some apple/cranberry/orange juice around about 1/4 way up the squash. Cover tightly and bake until squash is soft in a 350 degree oven.

    You can remove the squash then and leave the rest of the fruit uncovered in the oven until the juice reduces to a glaze. Upon serving, fill squash with fruit and drizzle with sauce. Could double as a dessert.

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