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Today’s Flowers in December

I took some photos of my garden this past week. Above is what’s left of a bloom on my rose of sharon tree; below is how it looked last summer.

Rose of sharon from August 2008

Azalea of December 2008

The azalea bush in April 2008

A rose bud of last week as seen in my backyard

A November rose from the same bush

Above is a lambs ears photographed last week.

This was the only photo of a lambs ears flower of mine that I could find. The lambs ears are more treasured for their leaves than their excessively bright pink flowers.

Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. Thank you, Luiz, for this lovely and fun meme.

Today's Flowers

Ilana-Davita says

I also went through my garden today but found very little to photograph. I had also planned to go to one of the town parks but the weather was so dismal that it wasn't worth it.
I like your idea of juxtaposing the same flower at two different times.

Denise BC says

Nice shot, all are fine, but I like the change in colors of the flowers of azalea.
hugs, Denise BC

kayleen says

nice posting of the cyclical life of the flowers. thanks for sharing

Arija says

I like a dormant garden. The Azalea has put on a lovely colour show with is leaves to brighten your December.

ramblingwoods says

Nice idea to compare from one season to the next..

Gill says

I am going to say I prefer the before photos rather than the after photos........LOL

Gill in Canada

naturegirl says

Leora wonderful comparisons of how it will look once the ((((COLD))) season leaves us!! Happy Today!

Natural Moments says

I really liked your now and before photos of your flowering plants. It was well done and it expands the mind a bit.

People with Cameras says

Wow! Your garden is gorgeous! That first photo is fantastic, such a contrast to the others.

ellen b says

Hi Leora,
I really like your before and after shots! Have a wonderful week...

Lurdes Lopes says

Hello Leora !!!
Nice idea, to compare from one seasons to next.
Thanks for your visit, to my blog.It's always nice meet someone new.Have a wonderful week.

PlantBuddy says

How we hate to let them go, our flower friends of summer. Very nice photos.

Erin says

enjoyed your before/afters. i like the pods on the rose of sharon...i almost posted a shot of my rose of sharon before it died back.

thanks for sharing.

Lilli says

I too liked the before and after shots a nice reminder

Carletta says

What a wonderful trip down memory lane with you in your garden!

Napaboaniya APAD says

The colors of the Rose of Sharon is pretty :)

Fishing Guy says

Leora: What great before and after photos, nicely done.

magiceye says

nature has a such a wonderful way of lightening our moods and you have captured the so well!

arlene says

the top flower reminds me to wish for the spring to come. :)

happy holidays!

Judy says

Love the contrasts between the blossoms and what they look like now!! What an interesting idea! Of course, if I did that, all my garden shots would look like snow and ice, but...
I have photos of lambs ears flowers, a ways back in my blog. They look like aliens from another planet, don't they?
Thanks for sharing!

nonizamboni says

Nice contrast photos--the bitter and the sweet. Nature ages well, I think! I'm seeing a lot of bare boned trees now up here.
Have a lovely week!

Jientje says

I had no idea lamb's ear grows flowers!! Lovely post, I love how you compared them in different seasons!


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