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Today’s Flowers in Jerusalem

flower in City of David
It’s cold and gray and *not* snowing (we got just a sprinkle) in New Jersey (I like snow, it makes me happy), so I am reaching into the archives and bringing you this tall, pretty flower (agapanthaceae or agapanthus, thank you to my brilliant European blogger friends, Ilana-Davita and Jientje) that I photographed last July in the City of David outside the Old City of Jerusalem.

Today’s Flowers is hosted by Luiz Santilli Jr. Thank you, Luiz, for this lovely and fun meme.

Today's Flowers

Luiz Santilli Jr. says

Hello Leora

Lovely flowers!
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for posting in TODAY'S FLOWERS every week!

Luiz, Denise & Pupo - TF Team

Ilana-Davita says

In case you were wondering, it's agapanthaceae. I photographed some in Sweden last year and Germany last August. I like their proud look.

Jientje says

Beautiful!! That's Agapantus, isn't it?

Yen says

Looks beautiful! I have some shots of them last summer too!

Gemma says

Agapanthus always seems to burst with flower! Love seeing them in clumps! In Australia they are generally a deep purply blue or radiant white! Beautiful shot!

naturegirl says

I love this purple wonder! I think many of us are reaching into our archives to post sweet memories of our Flowers..winter is here.Brrr

Sailor Girl, Portugal says

BEAUTIFUL!!!! In Portugal we call them «Agapantes»!!!

arleena says

Beautiful Agapantus.

ReaderWil says

This a lovely fragile flower. I like the colour too!

Denise BC says

Hi, LeOra
Is beautiful and elegant, soft color, thank you for sharing.
Hugs, Denise

Erin says

agapanthas are always a lovely plant ... thanks for sharing.

Cathy says

Such an elegant flower!

Deborah Godin says

Thanks for your visit, and link. You have a very lovely blog, and that flower is a beauty, nice spot of color on such a drab day here!

kayleen says

What a lovely flower. Thanks for sharing.

PlantBuddy says

Loved your purple agapanthas. I like tall flowers. Reminds me a little bit of Allum flowers. What do you think?

Leora says

Yes, PlantBuddy, Allum flowers I have seen in New Jersey, so it does look like one of those.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: It is a beautiful flower from a special place.

Denise says

Just beautiful. So delicate and I love the color of them.

Carletta says

It's beautiful against that fence. Looks very tall.

Sara Chapman in Seattle says

Yes, agapanthus. I used to grow it in Northern California. It does NOT like hard frosts, I discovered one hard winter. Beautiful flower, to grow and to photograph.

PlantBuddy says

Thanks for visiting and comments on Mistletoe. I should warn parents and people with pets, if they plan to use it around the house, that the berries and leaves are poisonous.

nonizamboni says

Love the color--especially this time of year. And the fence was interesting too. Thanks for sharing!

ramblingwoods says

Beautiful Leora..I too would need the archives to post a flower. But it does cheer a person up to see them


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