Watery Weds at the Dead Sea

Dead Sea
It’s still gray in New Jersey. I heard great news: it’s raining in Israel! As you will be able to see from my photos, Israel is a pretty dry country. It doesn’t rain all summer. Last June we drove down to the sea to go for a hike in Ein Gedi, a beautiful oasis near the Dead Sea. The above photo, taken from the car, shows the mountains on the right of the Dead Sea and some of the shrubbery by the sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest spot on Earth.

Dead Sea
In this photo you can see the sea. We stopped the car for a bit, and I took this photo.

Here is Ein Gedi. It’s a great place for hiking, nature viewing, taking a dip. There’s a short and a long hike; we took the short one, but to my daughter it felt like the longest hike of her life.

Please click on the photos to really get a good feel for the area.

Some of the waterfall areas were crowded with people enjoying the water, but this little area we had to ourselves.

ein gedi

On the way back my husband and boys took a quick dip in the Dead Sea. My daughter fell fast asleep in the car, so I waited with her. Even though this is my 5th trip to Israel, I still have yet to take a dip in that salty sea!

Meet some of the delightful critters we saw at Ein Gedi (hyrax, ibex and tristam grackle):

hyraxibex or Yaelbird of the Dead Sea

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