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Watery Wednesday: Creek

There is a creek or brook a block away from my home, so I went down there to take some photos for Watery Wednesday.

highland park brook
The creek wiggles its way through the edge of Highland Park and Edison, in between private houses. I do hope people aren’t putting too much pesticides on their lawns that will leach down into the brook, but I’m sure I hope in vain.

edison creek

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Watery Wednesday

Aisha says

These are really beautiful watery shots. I like the first one a lot!

Mojo says

It's not just pesticides that are a problem. Ordinary lawn fertilizer is just as bad. But one of the reasons for that is that it stimulates algae growth, which wouldn't be as much of a problem this time of year. That's usually more of a problem in the spring.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

I know what you mean about pesticides. All the towns around here are banning them, supposedly effective next year. We'll see, though. I can't believe people value their lawns more than people's health!

Darla says

Great shadows. I love the green moss growing on the rocks and pebbles by the water.

Denise says

Hi Leora, these are wonderful photographs. Looks like a very pretty place to spend time down by the water.

2sweetnsaxy says

Nice shots. It must be nice to have that creek running between houses. I can imagine during rainy season it must really get flowing. Sorry about the Mr. Linky problems. I'm suggesting everyone use the comments as a list of who is participating.

Michelle says

If they are like my neighbors then you do hope in vain. I am hoping what is being banned in Canada will catch on here.. Thank you for the quote in the comment you left me. It is very, very true..

People with Cameras says

I love the look and sound of a creek. These are wonderful photos.

Ilana-Davita says

I get the impression you live in an area surrounded by lots of nature.

jennwashere says

I especially love the shadows of the trees! It gave the pictures a little more drama.

It's my first time to join watery wednesday. My entry is posted here. Hope you can drop by!

Klara says

feels so calming just seeing your photos

Carletta says

I really like these Leora - love the shadows cast by the trees and the reflections in the first one.
Looks like a lovely place to walk and think.

Robin says

I love the way the shadows reach out across the water to the other side.

Gill says

I love the way the shadows are falling over the creek. Great photos,

Gill in Canada

Mimi says

Oh, how those photos reminded me of my years in Michigan! I'd forgotten what it's like to walk next to running water. We kids were out on the creek summer and winter. Memories...

Jientje says

What a lovely creek Leora!
And I agree, it would be a shame if it got polluted!
Lovely pictures, as always!


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