Snowy Week in Review


On my blog

Sky Watch Sneakers
I suspect people throw them up there to annoy others. I’ve never seen anyone actually do this. They’ve been there for ages, kind of a part of our block.

Thursday Challenge: Sidewalk (a photo of a pink carnation I threw on the icy sidewalk because I crave color in winter)

Kosher Cooking Carnival: Greasy Story Edition

Parsha posts about Joseph and Hanukkah

Caption This Story
(drawing by my daughter)

Ways to Stay Healthy post (I’ll try to write another one soon!)

Enjoy the snowy foliage on this post, even if the topic is that crook Madoff.

Elsewhere in the Blogsphere

 A tale of an Iranian-Jewish newcomer on a Hanukkah night (Roya Hakakian gets published in Forbes: she is the sister of a Highland Park resident).

 Mimi teaches us how to make origami dreidels.

 Lion of Zion writes about RPRY in Highland Park/Edison (he lives in Brooklyn).


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