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Snowgirl, January 2009, built by two offspring of mine and a friend
Snowgirl, January 2009, built by two offspring of mine and a friend

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Mottel says

I love the snow man - reminds me of one I built as a kid . . . but he had broccoli for ears (and Broc' for a name)

Leora says

Mottel, my kids wanted to raid the refrigerator to decorate the snowgirl, but I set limits on "just one old carrot." I was trying to teach them about baal tashchit, don't waste food, but I doubt if they really listened to the whole lesson.

robert sobczak says

Fun snowman ... and you covered lots of bases. Snowman is a good symbol of the seasons, the joy of winter, and its melting in the arrival of spring.

AscenderRisesAbove says

that is a great snowman - i really like the nose! that is one long nose! I lived in the midwest for awhile and we speculated why the east coast was not called "the far east"

Rachel says

Aw bless - what a fantastic snow girl! Although if she had a nose that big in real life, I wonder how attractive she'd be!!!


Mrs. S. says

Inquiring minds want to know: What makes this a snowgirl, as opposed to a snowman? :-)

Have a good week!

Ilana-Davita says

A nice weekly review. I like the snwogirl! I have answered your question in the next edition of Jpix.

Cluelessinboston says

I think what makes this a snowgirl instead of a snowman is the pink headband and pink smile. Plus you can see her heart, so she has to be female. That's an awfully long nose though!

Leora says

Love all these snowgirl comments! I suspect that Cluelessinboston is correct, and all those girly elements make her a girl. But my answer would have to be something like, two out of three who worked on it were girls, so they got to make her a snowgirl.

I'll ask my son, who did a great job of initiating and running this whole little snow-building event.

Jew Wishes says

Awww, look at that cute snow-girl face! :)

The Jewish Side says

I like the snow girl, very creative!

I can't tell if the pink is a hanger, or straws?

The Jewish Side says

About the Parsha question, Does Bo have 3 because bais is 2 and aleph is one? and Vaara has 7, because vov and aleph is 7?

Leora says

Jewish Side, I'm glad you finally answered that question! I was thinking maybe I would have to answer it around Pesach time or next year. And explain Gematria in the process.

The pink was from straws. Poor snow girl, she's now just a blob of a snow.

The Jewish Side says

Leora: lol...your welcome!

o, cool. at least today is a nice day...


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