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Another Week Passes

Downtown Nahariya, Northern Israel, June 2008
Downtown Nahariya, Northern Israel, June 2008

I woke up yesterday morning with the news that Katyusha rockets had hit Northern Israel. It seems like the rockets landed in Nahariya, a bustling little town with a pretty waterfront that is south of Rosh HaNikra. One rocket hit a retirement home. We visited Naharia last June: my kids ate pizza, and I bought a salad across the street (my husband probably wasn’t hungry). Why am I talking about food? Isn’t that easier to talk about than war, self-defense, media bias, Islamic fanaticism?

Here’s what I blogged about this past week

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On Israel:
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Baila, who lives in Modi’in, Israel, wrote on my Focused On Israel post:

It will only be a relief if the job is done, Leora. If Hamas continues to throw rockets at our cities, Israel must continue to respond.

Matzo Ball Recipe

A Sweet Angel Song
The song is one that is in this week’s parsha of Vayechi. There is a chapter in Ancient Secrets by Rabbi Levi Meier, z”l, called the “Art of Dying.” It is about Yaakov on his death bed, and what we can learn about dying from Yaakov. However, I couldn’t bear to write about dying. But I did want to mention that chapter.

Noteworthy (to me) in the Greater Blogosphere

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Oh, What A Wonderful Friendly World We Live In (Just Kidding)
(not the real title of the post, but close)

Ilana-Davita learns from Yaakov: “children are different and that [Yaakov] can’t have the same expectations from all of them.”

And I’ll leave with a link to Jack.

Mrs. S. says

We drove through Nahariya exactly two weeks ago on our way to and from Achziv.

May the coming week bring good news.

Shabbat Shalom!

Ilana-Davita says

Thanks for mentioning my post. I've just managed to do a review of my own posts but have add too little time to add others.
Shabbat Shalom!

Lorri says

The "personal weekly review" is an excellent idea!

Shabbat Shalom!

magiceye says

sad state of affairs that we have to resort to killing each other to convey our beliefs...

Leora says

Magic eye, I don't think the Israelis are killing to convey any beliefs. They are trying to protect their children. There are religious Jews in the army, secular Jews, and Druze as well. They just want a tiny sliver of land in the Middle East to call home.


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