Rafi Hosts JPIX

ibex or YaelRafi hosts the “cut short by the war” edition of JPIX, the blog carnival of Jewish photo bloggers. I greatly appreciate his link to my post on the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi and the inclusion of my ibex photo (see that cute guy at right).

Speaking of blog carnivals, Ilana-Davita will be hosting the upcoming Kosher Cooking Carnival, so be sure to submit a food-related post to her. This past sentence will appear on my blog on Asarah B’Tevet, the 10th of Tevet, so I apologize in advance to anyone who reads these words while fasting.

4 thoughts on “Rafi Hosts JPIX

  • Reading words isn’t the same as eating them :>)

    A little past noon now – fast going ok – seems to me pre-macrobiotic days fasts were much harder by noon time.

    Wishing you an easy and meaningful fast.

  • Klara, your fast is long over by now. I’ve just gotten past noon time. Going easily, since I drank a bit of coffee in the wee hours of the am before the fast.

  • ramblingwoods, you were talking about Pooh and anthropomorphism, so I thought of Little Bear. Later I thought of Babar, too. So many of our children’s stories have animals with human characteristics.

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