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Ruby Tuesday Contrasts

Last week Mary asked for a red sign. I didn’t really want to photograph a stop sign and was fortunate to find the above sign in my archives. It was taken in Modiin, Israel last June, home of bloggers Baila (who has been blogging bits about the war) and triLcat (who is about to give birth, if she hasn’t already).

This is what I would show, if I weren’t showing a sign today. I’m pretty sure this is my chrysanthemum, buried in a December snowstorm. A brief snowstorm, it was.

Lest you think New Jersey looks like the snowy pic, here are recent strawberry leaves. No snow here.

For more Ruby Tuesday pics, visit:

Ilana-Davita says

Nice find. My red signs were from HK and I had already planned HK shots for Watery Wednesday so I wished to put up something more personal.
I like the other two too.

maryt/theteach says

I like your sign Leora, I'm sorry about the crysanthemum :( And I love the leaves! Next week macro shots if you like... Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Nice to have archives from which to draw such a great sign!

Ralph says

The stop ahead sign has a dash of style over there, in contrast to the US diamond signs. The reds are quite clear here!

ellen b says

Hi Leora! What a very interesting sign you found in your archives. Winter gardens are always a bit sad...
Have a great week...

Napaboaniya APAD says

Nice to see the sign in 2 languages!! I'll be stumbled not knowing how to read the other language :P

Dora says

We have orange instead of yellow LED in SG.:)

Raven says

Cool sign. I really love that middle photo.

The Arthur Clan says

I love the sign that you shot for Ruby Tuesday. The other photos were lovely as well. Thanks for sharing them!

ramblingwoods says

I can send some snow you problem...@:)

Carletta says

All great shots Leora!
Red roofs I think too.
My favorite is the strawberry leaves.

Dianne says

I love the background in the sign photo!

Robin says

That snow shot is making me cold!

Alisha @ Izzy 'N Emmy says

Great shots! Love the sign shot.

Lisa says

I enjoyed your photos, but even more, your blog, which I am now starting to explore.

Patti says

Like Dianne, I also was struck by the background in the stop sign photo. Interesting shot.

Poor chrysanthemum ~ I hope it survives until spring.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

gabrielle says

the middle picture captures the essence of winter

Jientje says

There is a lot of drama in the Chrysantemum picture I think.
It speaks to me, albeit a very sad story ...

Julia says

Wow, strawberries leaves this time of year. Everything is buried under snow so who knows, maybe mine are under there also. Fun shots.

Mojo says

Wow. Looks like your mum would've been frosted with or without the snow. But they're pretty hardy (even takes a while for me to kill one!) so it'll bounce back.

Cool choice for the sign "sub theme" too! I can just about guarantee there won't be many like it posted for R/T this week. Or any week!


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