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Ruby Tuesday Homework

I am trying to get my daughter to do her homework without my help. Except she won’t even start it unless I am sitting next to her. In an effort to pay as little attention to her as possible while she worked, and noticing a lot of RED, I took photos of her and her environment.
red-homework-glass red-homework-red red-homework-spot

How many red things do you see?


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Kitchenmaus says she would love to study! Beautiful reds! (Your daughter too!)

ellen b says

Hi Leora,
I see a red shirt on your pretty daughter, a red drink, a red strawberry, some red plastic gloves, and some kind of red jug...
and a red spot :0)

Felisol says

Beautiful domestic scene.
Wish my daughter ever looked so harmoniously while doing homework.
The two red drops of water on the table and the red water running outside the water glass. Cool.
From Felisol

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Pretty girl! My fingers are crossed that she'll do the work by herself. I remember such scenes at my house. ;-)

Leora says

Yes, though as I put up this post, she was fighting with me about tonight's homework. Then I realized she wasn't feeling well. She seems to have a cold. Finally, she's resting a bit.

soulbrush says

she's lovely and so serious too.

me Ann my camera says

I see six and the centerpiece being your sweet little daughter in her red pullover. Lovely. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Ralph says

I remember those days of compelling kids to do their homework. I suppose we parents won out because they are doing well on college these days...

I see the red leaves of a plant on the counter, a red mug in the kitchen window, the pomegranate (?) juice, and the strawberry. And the best red of all, your beautiful daughter. The best ruby!

Leora says

Ralph, a red leafed plant on my counter? Oh, no, couldn't be. I long since killed any indoor plants. My son is growing a piece of wheat now; only plant in our house.

Jenn says

I love how you macro in that strawberry!

My Ruby Tuesday entries are posted here and here. Happy Tuesday!

Patti says

Your daughter is beautiful, Leora. She looks so intent on her work.

I see lots of red, from her dress (or shirt) to something red on the counter (looks like a poinsettia but you said it's not)to a red jug to red juice to a red spot to a strawberry...I'm getting tired!!

Happy Ruby Tuesday, Leora.

Leora says

Patti, I think what you (and Ralph?) are seeing are the red plastic gloves. My husband always (smart one, he is) wears gloves when he does the dishes. I never remember. But his skin is also drier than mine.

ramblingwoods says

She is such a beautiful little girl and is working so hard on her homework..but there is a lot of red around for RT..

Dora says

5 'rubies'? THe strawberry looks so fresh and juicy. :)

Happy RT.

Miranda says

What a cool idea. A great way to multi task, get your rubies and keep your kid company. :)

Olga says

what an adorable idea! homework is so hard: I'm glad I am done with it (at least for now)

Carletta says

What a cutie! I'm guessing a science project.
There's the obvious red we see and someone else spotted the gloves, the cup in the window and I think a spot of red on the top of that pencil as well.
She's adorable in red!

JewWishes says

Your daughter is adorable!

I love all of the photos, each with their touch/es of red.

Ilana-Davita says

Great photo of your daughter. I gather the "jug" is a keli.

Robin says

It can be such a pain to get them to settle down and work sometimes.

I like the improvised collage, the whole enriches the parts.

Jientje says

I love how the red jug in the background echoes the red i the picture! Nice job!

eastcoastlife says

I'm seeing red here! haha...
You have a pretty daughter. :)

Catherine says

Many Red things for a study atmosphere.
Children often do their homework in unexpected places even if they have a special place for studying as an own desk. Mines do the same, they're always in the room where I used to stand ! They certainly need quiet company.

mother in israel says

I once read that people don't take pictures of their kids doing homework, to illustrate that it was a chore. You don't photograph kids picking up their toys, either, usually. Good luck in getting her motivated.

Dianne says

she looks like a natural student :)

Baila says

Love these pictures!

Leora says

Thanks, Baila, and everyone.
Ilana-Davita, yes, that's a washing mug. An ugly plastic one that my father bought for us after a family member broke my hand thrown pottery washing mug. And I "memorialized" by burying it in my garden and photographing it a while back for my blog.

Louise says

Just beautiful!

maryt/theteach says

Leora, betcha thought I'd miss the RED gloves on the dish drainer? Great Ruby Tuesday post! I'm back from Florida and making the rounds! :)

The Jewish Side says

Yum that strawberry looks so good!

I see 7 red things.

and your daughter looks great as usual. looks like she's being studious.


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