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Sky Watch: Sycamore

swftomSky Watch Friday is a photo meme with photos of sunrises, sunsets, blue skies, gray skies, pink skies, dark skies and any other kind of sky posted by bloggers all over the planet.

I took these photos of the American Sycamore trees on my block at sunset one day.

I like the round seed ball shapes.

You can read more about our local sycamores in my previous post.

system operator says

I'm first! I know, childish behavior;)

Fun angle of those creeping sycamore branches. It looks so warm and summerish (maybe summerish is not a word?).

Happy SWF!

Leora says

sys op, hi! glad you're first. What's neat is I would not being doing trees for Sky Watch if it were summer, because too many leaves would be blocking the view.

Photo Cache says

Love love love these photos. Happy swf.

Louise says

I love the sky, especially to color. But I REALLY love the bare trees with their seed pods dangling!

jennwashere says

From a distance, I thought those were birds on the first pictures. =) Great shots for this week.

My SWF photos are here and here. Hop on by if you have the time. Happy weekends.

Guy D says

Great skywatch shots, thanks for sharing.

Regina In Pictures

ramblingwoods says

These are lovely the colors..

magiceye says

excellent compositions all!

Rocks says

beautiful pictures! love the ball shapes too! and the orange color..nice!

batya says

I love the first one best.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: A very nice sky to capture through the trees.

Tarolino, Finland says

Pink clouds always look so dainty. That first shot (in particular) is so lovely. The contrast of tose branches and berries against the softness of the sky is striking.

soulbrush says

these are truly magical.

Mojo says

So that's what those are! I've seen similar trees in other posts, but never knew.

Great series... as you can probably tell I'm a big fan of sunsets/sunrises. The "Golden Hours" as we photography types like to call them.

Lovely work!

Catherine says

These bared branches make the perfect frame, black against the soft color of the sky make a wonderful composition.

gel says

Those leaning trees point the viewer to the soft colors. So pretty! Here via skywatch fri.
(Shalom!I read your web skills background. Best wishes for continued success! We're in a different region, but my husband designed websites for our JCC (among others in his "spare time") and implemented that network. He no longer has time to volunteer as much, but it was rewarding then.)

Arija says

Lovely gentle wintry skies.

Sara Chapman in Seattle says

All three are lovely, but I especially love the luminosity of the sky in the third photo. I like the ball shapes, too, and I used to really love the peeling bark as a kid in Philadelphia. Not too many sycamores around Seattle, though.

Steffi says

Great photo!Good choice!Happy SWF!


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