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Snippets from Israel

Painted Sewer Pipe Makeshift Bomb Shelter in Nitzan
Painted Sewer Pipe Makeshift Bomb Shelter in Nitzan

I follow a lot of Israeli blogs (Anglo Israelis, they write in English). I wanted to share a few recent posts. The above photo is from Shiloh Musings; Batya has invited Sara Layah Shomron who lives in the south of Israel to write about her experiences. She used to live in Gush Katif, which is in Gaza, but since the expulsion from Gaza (which was supposed to bring peace), she and her family have lived in Nitzan. As they have no bomb shelter, these large sewer pipes have been set up as makeshift bomb shelters. Sara Layah writes: “The scenic and calm view [on the sewer pipe] was beautifully painted by our neighborhood youth.” She describes being interviewed on the phone by a reporter in Orange County, California and needed to relay: “I hastened to say, “I’m not being rude; rather, have 30 seconds to run to the sewer pipe.” Read more of Sarah Layah’s post.

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ALN often writes about art therapy, working in a hospital, interactions with her kids and “keeping the balance”. On one recent post she talked about the effects of the war:

Shoilem Aleichem (via Joseph Stein’s screenplay) put it best in our favorite classic, Fiddler on the Roof:

Townsperson: Why should I break my head about the outside world? Let the outside world break its own head….

Tevye: He is right…

Perchik: Nonsense. You can’t close your eyes to what’s happening in the world.

Tevye: He’s right.

Rabbi’s pupil: He’s right, and he’s right. They can’t both be right!

Tevye: (Pause). You know, you are also right.

Read her whole post. Then you can read this one, Keep Sane, Keep Creative (lots of great kid art photos!).

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Baila is reminding us of Gilad Shilat, the soldier who was captured by Hamas.

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Finally, from the Jerusalem Post, a young law student from Sderot asks the UN:
Are human rights for some, but not for others?

I come from Sderot, the city in Israel that for eight years has been terrorized, by 10,000 rockets fired against us from Gaza.

As a law student, I learned – and I believe – that all human beings have the right to peace and security.

But when I see today’s resolution, I ask: Why is the United Nations ignoring my suffering? When the terrorists committed these 10,000 violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, why was the UN silent?

Are human rights for some, but not others?

The constant assault on Sderot has destroyed our ability to lead a normal life. The warning before each attack gives us only 15 seconds to run for shelter. Fifteen seconds that will decide, life or death.

Mr. President, who will protect our right to life? My family does not have a bomb shelter, so we run to the most protected room, which is the shower.

If you want more information about the war in Gaza, the best place to start is the Muqata. Then visit Jack for some more links.

Ilana-Davita says

Thanks for the links. You have been very prolific recently!

Leora says

Ilana-Davita, not really... the watercolor I worked on two weeks ago, but I was finally ready to post it. I took the book photos on Sunday, and I suddenly remembered late last night that Thursday Challenge begins on Weds. nite... but this post was stirring in my head all this week, so I put it together last night.

A Living Nadneyda says

Thanks for the mention! It always helps to know you're out there thinking about us over here, and doing whatever you can do to make a difference.

Batya says

Thanks for the link. I'm so glad that the Shomrons blog on my blog.

Baila says

As always, thanks for sharing.

ramblingwoods says

I need to keep more current on events and this is a great way to do it...what a terrible mess...

Sara Layah says

Thanks so much for including me in these "Snippets." You're doing a GR-8 job helping increase awareness.

Leora says

Sara Layah, thanks for reading my "little" post. All I do is read and cut and paste! Stay well, stay safe.

Hadassa DeYoung says

Anyone who's interested in learning more about what came before the Nitzan DP camp should check out "Grains Of Sand: The Fall Of Neve Dekalim"( written by Shifra Shomron, Sara Layah's daughter. The contrast between flourishing Gush Katif and the terror base that the Arabs have made in the Gaza Strip is an important and timely lesson to share.
Hadassa DeYoung, K'far Darom/Elon Moreh


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