Thursday Challenge: Many Books

Thursday Challenge theme for this week is “MANY” (Lots of People, Lots of Space, Lots of Things: Buildings/Candy/Toys/Animals, Countless,…).

I took many photos of the books in our living room and dining room before choosing these children’s books that were hanging around on a shelf of a bookshelf that badly needs replacing. See anything familiar?

12 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge: Many Books

  • We own or have owned the three titles prominently featured. The yellow book with the colors looks like a “Where’s Waldo?” book. I love the way the books look so worn like you and the kids have read them hundreds of times.

  • I agree with Baila and Rachel: it’s really nice to see well-loved books.

    Is the one with the soccer ball a workbook of some sort? I think some of my older kids may have had something like that.

  • I too love this choice of photograph.
    Well used = WELL LOVED. 🙂

    (… do I spy the quintessential Aleph Bais book in that pile too?)

  • Mrs. S., the soccer ball is from I Spy School Days.

    G6, yes, the green book is an Aleph Bet book! My son used it way back in kindergarten (he’s now in high school). Couldn’t get my daughter to learn from it, though. Her school uses the Tal Am Ariot series, which is great and successful (for her) in learning basic Hebrew.

    Thanks, all… I see I’ve got a lot of book lovers reading this blog! (I guess people who write also like to read).

  • Jewish Side, I think what you think are school work books is a copy of I Spy School Days.

    Glad you all enjoy this pic. I might post one of my other pics of books sometime, just to see what else you all recognize!

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