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Upcoming Teen Film Festival

I am greatly enjoying the work I do for the Highland Park Public Library, especially the page for 2009 Teen Film Festival. I must admit some bias in this project; I have a talented filmmaking son whose film will be one of those screened on Sunday, February 8 at 2 pm. I understand he has some cameo roles in some of the other films. A beaming mom!

Louise says

That is just exciting!

Ilana-Davita says

This looks like fun. Congratulations to your son.

Robin says

How exciting that your son is in the festival! Congratulations to him and all his co-participants.

Mrs. S. says

May you continue to have a lot of nachat from him and all your children! Shabbat Shalom.

Raizy says

What a creative family you have- drawing, photography, filmmaking...
What is your son's film about?

Leora says

Thanks all for reading.

Raizy, it's a secret. Hush, hush. He doesn't want us to know until the big day. But I know he has older kids acting in his movie. Yes, he inherited that creativity bug from me.

The Jewish Side says

That's great you encourage him with his creativity. Enjoy the film tomorrow! I wonder what it will be...


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