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Weekly Review


This week on my blog

Photo memes:
Today’s Flowers
Sky Watch
Thursday Challenge: Experimental

American Sycamore
(in which I learn the names of prominent trees on my block)

Award Thank Yous

What Do You See? (thanks to everyone who participated)

Parsha Post: Vaera

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

One by One: Standing Up to Terrorism
Phyllis Chesler writes of new Hindu-Jewish-Christian-Buddhist Coalition for Peace against Islamic terrorism.

Winnie-the-Pooh Day

New Research Confirms Vitamin D Blocks Formation of Breast Cancer

AscenderRisesAbove says

weekly review and elsewhere; what a great idea to wrap up a week

Batya says

I hardly blogged last week, sans computer in Eilat. But now the pictures are up.

ramblingwoods says

I looked and thought.."oh somebody else posted about winnie-the-pooh too..LOL...

Leora says

ramblingwoods, I'm glad you finally saw that! I really did enjoy your Pooh post.

Quietpaths says

That is one familiar looking scene. Isn't it odd how snow scenes rather blur regional boundaries. It's very serene.

Leora says

Quietpaths, thanks for commenting on my photo. I'm saving more of these mountain pics for Sky Watch next week. As I recall, you are also a skier... (or at least, you've photographed a ski area!).

Quietpaths says

I will be back to see your other mountains. Yes, we ski happily whenever we can. Where do you go?

Leora says

Quietpaths, we only ski a few days a year, unfortunately. Too hard to take off more time. This is in the Berkshires; Jiminy Peak is the name of the resort. I grew up skiing in New Hampshire.

My boys are now good enough that they have some idea that there are bigger mountains in Vermont...but my husband doesn't want to drive that far. My daughter had to be bribed to take ski lessons. She's not that into it.


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