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Weekly Review

Detail from Girl with Tulip watercolor
Detail from Girl with Tulip watercolor

This past week on my blog

Photo memes:
Today’s Flowers
Ruby Tuesday
Thursday Challenge: Many Books (book lovers seem to enjoy this photo)
Sky Watch

Snippets from Israel
Trying to Show Support

Transition to Exodus (parsha post)

Girl with Tulip (watercolor by me)

Ratatouille (a recipe for the hungry)

What Do You See
? (come play, it’s fun!)

Elsewhere on the Web

Natural News: Brussel Sprouts Defend Against All Types of Cancer
Dr. Mercola: Antibiotics Are More Dangerous Than You Thought

Israeli Kitchen: Pennies Towards Heaven

Israel Matzav: How Hamas Educates Gifted Children

Parsha (the weekly portion is Shmot or Shemot)
Ilana-Davita: Famous Torah Story
Lion in Zion: And She Called Him Moshe (read the comments)


JewWishes says

You accomplished a lot on your blog, this week.

Ilana-Davita says

I love the presentation of your week in review. Shabbat Shalom!

ramblingwoods says

I love the idea of the review...

Yisrael Medad says

Here's that sign:


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