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Sufganiyot = Doughnuts
On Saturday night we learned that after 8 years of suffering under rocket attacks from Gaza, Israel has struck back. This rather colored my week, as I anxiously think of family, friends and my people.

Memories of Mums in Watercolor

Today’s Flowers: Dianthus in the Snow
Today’s Flowers seemed to be on vacation last week, but feel free to visit the post that I left up.

My World in Donaldson Park
Watery Wednesday in Donaldson Park

Watcha Reading?

Intro to Twitter

Sepia Scenes: Ballet

A Woman named Serah (parsha post)

Sky Watch: My Daughter’s Sunrise

Thanks and Recognition

Let’s Play Pretend (please watch this short video about war if you haven’t already. thank you).

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

Seraphic Secret, the self-anointed Bob Hope of the Gaza War, has his 10 best movies of 2008 (from Hollywood’s Golden Age). Here’s part one of his picks. I must check these at some point: when movies were movies!

I wish I didn’t have to link to Jack’s latest post of Gaza War links. (that’s the 6th)

Esser Agaroth has a much shorter list of Gaza Updates.

Zivans in Israel report on the “situation“.

West Bank Mama is a good teacher.

And more sad news…

Michelle at Rambling Woods reported that one of her blogger friends lost her husband suddenly.

Janet at Fond of Snape lost her dear father.

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