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What a Week


On my blog

Sufganiyot = Doughnuts
On Saturday night we learned that after 8 years of suffering under rocket attacks from Gaza, Israel has struck back. This rather colored my week, as I anxiously think of family, friends and my people.

Memories of Mums in Watercolor

Today’s Flowers: Dianthus in the Snow
Today’s Flowers seemed to be on vacation last week, but feel free to visit the post that I left up.

My World in Donaldson Park
Watery Wednesday in Donaldson Park

Watcha Reading?

Intro to Twitter

Sepia Scenes: Ballet

A Woman named Serah (parsha post)

Sky Watch: My Daughter’s Sunrise

Thanks and Recognition

Let’s Play Pretend (please watch this short video about war if you haven’t already. thank you).

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

Seraphic Secret, the self-anointed Bob Hope of the Gaza War, has his 10 best movies of 2008 (from Hollywood’s Golden Age). Here’s part one of his picks. I must check these at some point: when movies were movies!

I wish I didn’t have to link to Jack’s latest post of Gaza War links. (that’s the 6th)

Esser Agaroth has a much shorter list of Gaza Updates.

Zivans in Israel report on the “situation“.

West Bank Mama is a good teacher.

And more sad news…

Michelle at Rambling Woods reported that one of her blogger friends lost her husband suddenly.

Janet at Fond of Snape lost her dear father.

Janet says

Leora, your comments about my Dad show your compassion, your kind and caring nature. I'm glad we "met" in the blogosphere!

Leora says

Janet, unfortunately, I relate too well to loss. May you find comfort. Be well, my friend!

Ben-Yehudah says


Shavu'a Tov and Thanks for the link.

I have added another one. Gaza War Refugee Forums is trying to find ways to support displaced Jews, and to match them with others you can provide assistance.

Batya says

I have posts from friends in Netivot and Nitzan on


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