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What Do You See?

Seems like a good time to ask: “what do you see?” Drawing was started by my daughter and finished up by me.

phyllis says

a shofar?

Elias Friedman says

I see a birch tree with two golden shofars and a tornado in the background.

Leora says

Cool! Thanks, Phyllis and Elias. I can see this is a fun Sat. night activity. You both independently seemed to see shofars.

(There's no real answer; we just like to draw, my daughter and I).

Robin says

A dove of peace (wishful thinking perhaps?), a shofar, and two candy canes :).

Leora says

Robin, I do hope you get some peace soon; I think it will be peace through strength. Yeah, I do see some candy canes with cut up stripes...

I see more of a pelican than a dove. Do pelicans bring peace, too?

JewWishes says

I see two individuals arm-in-arm...possibly hugging. I do see Shofars, too, though. LOL.

The Jewish Side says

I saw shofars too.

I see red candy canes, or tree branches

I see lots of pretty colors

and I see a precious drawing that a mother and daughter worked on together!

jacob says

I see a fish nestled under a leafy aqua plant.

Leora says

Jacob, thank you for the fresh new insight. ;-)


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