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A Weekly Review

I discovered the sepia setting on my camera on Wednesday night.
I discovered the sepia setting on my camera on Wednesday night.

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A Meaningful Tweet
How to Get the Most Out of Your 140 allowed characters on Twitter

Website Revamp
I redesigned my home page.

Creative Summer Programs
What would you like to do creatively?

Time Travel Flick
Enjoy my son’s movie about time travel through a dumpster time machine in Highland Park.

Who is Helping Whom?
I answered this in the comments. I have another one of these ‘What Do You See’ posts scheduled for Saturday night.

Elsewhere on the web

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Haveil Havalim, the blog carnival of the Jewish blogosphere, will show up is now up on this blog on Sunday morning (that’s Sunday afternoon to those of you on the other side of the Atlantic).

ramblingwoods says

I like your reviews..You (unlike me) present a diverse selection yet that are all "Leora"....Michelle

Ilana-Davita says

I'll have to check if my camera has such a setting. Looking forward to your edition of HH. Meanwhile good luck; wishing you as few belated posts as possible.

Leora says

Glad you like my weekly reviews, Michelle.

Ilana-Davita, I think this photo came out kind of dark; I'll have to try the sepia setting in the middle of the day.

AscenderRisesAbove says

wow - i had to stop and really look at this interior; reminded me so much of a photo of the house I grew up in when very small. My brothers, sisters and I were each standing on a different step.


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