HH Number What? 203?

Tree sculpture at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem
Tree sculpture at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem

Esser Agaroth hosted the #203 edition of Haveil Havalim, the weekly blog carnival of the Jewish blogosphere. In addition to Tu B’Shvat, the holiday of the trees, this coming week means elections in Israel. Israel has many different parties; governments are formed by coalitions (want to learn more about the Israeli Political System? Take Prof. Yaacov Yadgar’s free, online course on the Israeli Political System). You can learn more about how bloggers vote by reading this week’s HH edition. I found Cosmic X’s post: Are Most Israeli Bloggers Leftists? interesting: the leftists are writing in Hebrew, the right wingers in English?

Please calm me down, as I am hosting next week’s Haveil Havalim. This won’t be too hard, will it, Jack? Will I be clever, witty enough for this prestigious task? Stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “HH Number What? 203?

  • Ilana-Davita, thanks. It’s a pretty and unusual museum. A mixture of very, very old with some modern sculpture like this tree. It didn’t exist in 1980, when I last remember climbing around in this section of the Old City of Jerusalem.

  • I have every confidence in your hosting abilities. Not a doubt in my mind that you will be equal to the challenge. Love the photo, nice contrast of ancient and contemporary (old and new seem so inadequate here!)

  • IIRC, the museum, which focuses on the history of Jerusalem, opened on Pesach 1989. (At that time, the hologram of the First Temple was considered to be very cutting edge.)

    I agree that you have exactly what it takes to do an incredible job. I look forward to reading the final result.

    Happy TU B’Shvat!

  • Mrs. S., thanks for the additional information about the museum. It was a hot day, so I was concentrating on getting into shady spots, and my daughter didn’t have a lot of patience for the historical exhibits.

  • i’ve been to that museum a few times, what a great photo of that sculpture!

    i’m sure you’ll do great with hh. the hardest part will be figuring out how to number it….ha ha….

    (actually, hosting is a little addictive – i think it’s a lot of fun!)

  • Tks for the reassurance, Baila and Phyllis. That helps.

    therapydoc, isn’t amazing that one can take a little post on the weekly HH, and everyone has so much to say…I love it!

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