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Blue Monday: Cat
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Quinoa Bread with Oatmeal Photos (and a link to the recipe)

Sea Vegetables

Glass Houses (a parsha post)

I have a Whaddya See for book lovers scheduled for Saturday night…

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Happy Birthday, Michelle
Ilana-Davita: A Few Thoughts on Commenting
Film Friday: Lego Editon (stop motion by son of Mrs. S.)

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Discover What Traditional Chinese Medicine Knows about Mushrooms

Two different cultures, similar issues:
An Abuse of Belief
Violence UnSilenced

Ilana-Davita says

You have been busy, haven't you?
I have a Whaddya See for book lovers scheduled for Saturday night…
Can I wait all that time?

maggie, dammit says

Thank you so much for the ViolenceUnSilenced shout-out! I appreciate the support so much!

Leora says

Maggie, sure, and welcome.

Ilana-Davita, I'm looking forward to my book lovers post, too... :-)

ramblingwoods says

You have such a well balanced blog...

Mrs. S. says

What a great collection of posts!
Thanks for the link, and a have a good week.


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