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Ruby Tuesday with a Heart

Some of you may remember the snow girl my daughter, middle son and my daughter’s friend built. Well, she melted a bit, then she got snowed upon, so I put some red sunglasses on her and stuck the heart back on so she could pose for my Ruby Tuesday shot. It’s good I did it last week, because the snow has now melted all away. My daughter did not approve of my new snow lady at all; she claimed I ruined her. I think I gave her a new style and look.

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Jew Wishes says

I love her! She's Ms. Cool! :)

Carletta says

Love the glasses and red heart!
Forgive me but looking sideways it looks like Snoopy a little. :)

Mojo says

She's got sass now! Attitude! She's hip! Isn't it odd that the adults seem to have more fun with this stuff than the kids do?

Back in '87 when my oldest son was ... about 4 I guess we had a freakish storm that dumped 7 inches of sleet on us, and we sculpted a "snowgirl" on the front lawn. But in that case, we were working in ice, not snow, so we were able to get a lot more detail in it than your typical snowperson. She turned out rather well I thought. Don't know what became of the pictures though. A shame that.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

I think your snow girl grew to be quite sophisticated before she melted away. ;-)

ramblingwoods says

LOL..that takes me back to fun in our yard when my daughter was young..sigh

Ilana-Davita says

Great recycling of the snowgirl!

Felisol says

The Valentine snowgirl is just so original and perfect for her purpose.
Seems that your daughter might be a little like mine.
She would never have any help creating stuff, and she would have been furious if I had "meddled" with her creations.
I predict your daughter will be both independent and creative always.
From Felisol

Dora says

Ha ha ha! So creative of U. Maybe u can even add a red nose to the snow lady. :p

Becky says

Cool red shades

JoyD says

Ha ha ha,, This is so Cute,, very creative!! mine ishere

Catherine says

You've been very creative. A Valentine snowgirl is very uncommon for Ruby Tuesday. I like it. A liitle bit of Joy in all that snow.

melli says

Awwwwwww! That is sO cute! LOVE it!

maryt/theteach says

That's the best, Leora! Perfect for Ruby Tuesday and Valentine's Day! HVD to you!

Ralph says

You cannot add to much style to a snowperson - the snow gets dirty, so the shades and heart necklace give this one some style and class!

Raven says

Adorable. Happy almost Valentine's Day!

Pia K says

Very snazzy in red:)

Patti says

Perfect red touches on her for a wintry Ruby Tuesday! I love this snow girl.

And following up Felisol's comment, your daughter and her daughter and my daughter sound alike : creative with an independent streak!

Robin says

I think she's adorable, in a sassy tweeny sort of way ;-).

Dianne says

red is an excellent color choice for someone so pale ;)

Quietpaths says

Oh, very clever! Har. You made me smile.

The Jewish Side says

I like the snow lady!
I'm starting to like red now!


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