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No, none of these are my daughter.  But don't they look beautiful?
No, none of these girls are my daughter. But don't they look beautiful?

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(take some ideas from this healthy diet and incorporate them in your own eating habits)

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Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

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Finally, a great geek joke emailed by a good friend (some SQL knowledge necessary)—>oy, this geek joke has gone missing. Sorry!

Jew Wishes says

What a precious photo...indeed they look beautiful!

Mojo says

They do indeed, but that's not why I came by...
I heard a rumor somebody in HP was havin' a birthday, so I put together a little somethin' just for you!

Carletta says

I was just at Mojo's and he tells us someone is having a birthday. Hmmm...HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEORA! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Oh yes, the little girls are beautiful!

Baila says

Thanks for the link and happy birthday!!!

Ilana-Davita says

Lovely poto indeed. I hope the day treated you well.

Tricia says

I heard it from a lil birdie that it was your birthday, so thought I'd stop by & wish you A WONDERFUL & HAPPY HAPPY JOYFUL BIRTHDAY WISH!!!
& Yes they are beautiful - I love those dresses!!!

Lisa's Chaos says

Happy Birthday! Mojo blabbed to everyone. :) Those girls are SO cute!

The Jewish Side says

they do look beautiful!

and that is a funny joke, I was only able to get it because of the last part, then I made the connection.

and Happy Birthday!

Hope your enjoying your night!

AscenderRisesAbove says

oh my gosh... cute cute cute; each one a valentine unto themselves


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