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Today’s Flowers: Sedum

sedum_driedI took this photo of a dried sedum flower a block away from my house a few days ago.

sedumHere’s a sedum flower I photographed last September. I believe this is “Showy Stonecrop” or Sedum spectabile. I would like to try growing this flower in my garden this summer.

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Today's Flowers

Jew Wishes says

What beauties, Leora! I love the contrasts of the tones in each one.

auringonkukka finland says


ramblingwoods says

I think we are all ready for spring..I have a sedum on the side of the deck. I will have to photograph it next season..

luiz santilli jr says

Hi Leora

Wonderful and different flowers in your garden!
Thanks for sharing and posting in TF.
Hope you have a nice week!


Valkyrien says

This looks like some flowers growing wild outside my house! They are quite beautiful, and so are your pics! Love the second, it has such nice light!

Carletta says

You know, I liked that dried sedum. It's still quite beautiful in its own right.
I noticed last week my sedum is beginning to come through the ground. I was totally surprised.

guild-rez says

Beautiful sedum plant pictures.
Sedums are easy to grow and available in many colours!
Good Luck!
- Cheers.

Judy says

What a contrast between the two photos! I have seen sedums blooming before, so was prepared for the pinks, but the rust tones in the dried blossom!! Very appealing! Of course, in this part of the world, the dried blooms would be covered with snow, so would never be left on the plant in the fall.
Thanks for sharing!
PS - Liked your comment on The Daily, about the tulip petals looking like decaying satin! Very apt, and poetic!

Dot says

Those are very pretty! I have some that are pink.

Sara Chapman in Seattle says

One of the nice things about sedums is they tend to bloom when less is flowering, at least here in Seattle. I'm thinking of putting some in an old birdbath; I heard they will do well there.

robert sobczak says

That's a scene right out of a Cape Cod summer. We had those in our back yard, and were quite a sight ... but they looked terrible in the winter all bare.

Lilli says

Those are lovely i like the colors

Arija says

Sedum is great for a sunny, sandy position. Nice shots.

Leora says

Judy, thanks for liking my tulip petals looking like decaying satin. I try to come up with words other than lovely or beautiful, as we all probably do, but sometimes a photo really does speak some new words to us.

Arija, sunny, sandy position? I might be able to find sunny, but we've got lots of clay. Since I've seen them locally, I'm just going to try a sunnier backyard spot.

Sara, in an old birdbath? sounds nice. In potting soil?

Reader Wil says

Sedum is a beautiful plant. I have them also in my front garden in September.

Neal says

Beautiful! Makes me want spring to come even more.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: I do love sedum because they draw the butterflies and bees to photograph. Mine are all cut down so I see no dried heads.

Gmirage says

It seems new to me :D Great macro shot!

Quietpaths says

Really varied colors! I knew there were many different varieties but I haven't seen the orange yet. Thanks!

Quietpaths says

ah, I see it's the dried color! Mine are definitely pink.

Leora says

Quietpaths, I was going to say that...glad you figured it out!

Isle Dance says

SO lovely!


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