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Watery Weds in Rosh HaNikra

It’s cold here in New Jersey, so I thought you would enjoy a trip in time back to last June when my family visited Rosh HaNikra in northern Israel.

It’s a fun place for a family to visit, but beware, there are rumors of a ghost bride.

And then we headed south, down the Mediterranean coast. You can see my daughter’s pink hat peering southward.

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Watery Wednesday

Carletta says

Lovely images Leora! I love the blue green water.
I'm sure this trip will be a highlight for a long long time.

My post is at my photoblog Carletta’s Captures.

Tricia says

Stunning views & a ghost bride to boot! That would be enough to get me there, to see if I could capture her on film! LoL!

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Oh YES! This looks much warmer than New Jersey in February. ;-) It's a lovely place to sit and stare out at the expanse of sea, dream and take photos.

Guy D says

Great shots of Israel, you captured them perfectly.

Have great a day!
Regina In Pictures

Kathy says

I would love to live along the coast. I would spend hours staring out at the ocean. Beautiful shots. =)

kden says

It looks like a great place to visit, very good shots.

Ewok says

Oh that last photo is awesome. I am sure you had a great trip, the place looks like a good destination.

Denise says

It looks like a wonderful place, superb images.

Ilana-Davita says

The sea is very inviting. I wouldn't mind a dip right now rather than the cold grey mist.

Tarolino, Finland says

Oh that blue blue sea and the beautiful coast line. The first shot with the cliffs reminds me of a place here in Finland. It is in a small seaside resort called Hanko, the most southern point of the finnish mainland.
Eh, what are the rumours of ghost bridge?

Leora says

Tarolino, if you click on the link: you will find the post I wrote last summer.

Jientje says

What a beautiful place Leora!!! It makes me long for Summer even more!!

Mojo says

Oh I'm loving this! The color of the water, just the warmth of the scene in general. Wonderful!

Judy says

i love all the shades of green in the water!!!

Mrs. S. says

On my Achziv post, I have a picture that's the reverse of your third picture. My picture looks north along the shore towards Rosh Hanikrah!

Shabbat Shalom.

Leora says

I was thinking of your Achziv post when I put up these pics. I actually recommended the place to a friend who lives in Israel, because of your post! Here's your post, in case readers want to visit:
(next time, you can leave the link in your comment).

ramblingwoods says

The water looks so clear...


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