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What Do You See?

Welcome to another round of “What Do You See?” with a drawing by my daughter. So, nu, what’s in this illustration? Thanks for playing!

G6 says

Is there any Shalach Monos giving going on in this picture?
BTW, how old is this talented young artist ;) ?

Leora says

G6, she's 6. I do see Shalach Monos, but I don't think she's yet in Purim mode. Truth is, I haven't asked her yet. I'll wait for others to respond and then ask her.

Mottel says

A princess in a heart - with a crown and a parrot in her left hand, and a purse or some pot of gold or the like in her right hand

Raizy says

A princess looking out the window of her castle.

Elias Friedman says

I see the Shabbos Queen with her crown by her right hand and the shabbos table behind her with a window behind that. She is looking out through a heart shaped window for this Valentine's day which fell on shabbos. Even though it's not a Jewish holiday, the queen knows that all people are Hashem's children and wishes them well on their holiday of love.

Ita says

To me it looks like a Tu B'Shvat basket because there are so many fruits.
It's such a cute picture!

Dora says

I'm seeing a princess waiting for her prince charming. ;)

Mugwort Glutinous Pancake

Leora says

Oooh, Elias, I like your interpretation!
I'll be asking the young lady later today what she had in mind.

Dora, I've eaten mugwort noodles, which are delicious. But your pancake does look a bit extreme. Hmm.

Robin says

I see a bride on a stage. Probably not what she intended, but I'm going with it :).

Ilana-Davita says

I see a princess on stage.

Jew Wishes says

I see a play being acted out on stage, with the pink being the curtains.

Leora says

The artist has spoken:
The princess putting on a show. The castle is on the right, the blue X in a black box. The yellow on the left of the princess is her crown, with gems. On the right of the princess is juice.

It's inside a heart, because Jill the art teacher was using Jim Dine's painting of a heart as an example of how one can draw a heart without making it obviously a heart.

ramblingwoods says

I see a child sure that she is surrounded by a loving many children aren't...

The Jewish Side says

I see a heart, a girl, a parrot, a crown, grapes.

I agree with rambling woods.

and that's cool about the heart, I was wondering about that.


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