JPIX: Spring in Israel Edition

I love the idea that trees and flowers are blooming in Israel. Anyone who lives in the north can probably appreciate the envy I feel at this time of year. So I’ll start with Batya’s blooms:

shiloh_reds meander_justbecause_bloom meander_103fromapple

While G6 reminds us Purim is coming, Mottel shows us Chanukah past (and here’s my Purim watercolor, too):
g6_hamantaschen chanuka_mottel Purim is Coming, watercolor by Leora Wenger, 2009

Leah presents three from the Chossid’s blog:

chossid_heder  chossid_mendelgrave  chossid_upsherin

Some lovely, some dusty shots on Israeli blogs (Rahel, Yisrael M., CosmicX):
bride_elms elms_tulip yisraelm_mtzion cosmicx_dust_jerusalem

New York on view (by Wolf, Jacob, JoeFlix and Mendy):
empire_wolf jacob_lilies joeflix_parking joeflix_mendy

Mottel showed South America (Pisaq, Machu Picchu), Ilana-Davita a Hong Kong shul:
mottel_ladywaits ilanadavita_ohelleah mottel_flower_macchu

And more from Israel:
masada1234_hebronflag around_flower mominisrael_water-saving aln_einkerem

Sarah has some photography tips to share:

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