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JPIX: Spring in Israel Edition

I love the idea that trees and flowers are blooming in Israel. Anyone who lives in the north can probably appreciate the envy I feel at this time of year. So I’ll start with Batya’s blooms:

shiloh_reds meander_justbecause_bloom meander_103fromapple

While G6 reminds us Purim is coming, Mottel shows us Chanukah past (and here’s my Purim watercolor, too):
g6_hamantaschen chanuka_mottel Purim is Coming, watercolor by Leora Wenger, 2009

Leah presents three from the Chossid’s blog:

chossid_heder  chossid_mendelgrave  chossid_upsherin

Some lovely, some dusty shots on Israeli blogs (Rahel, Yisrael M., CosmicX):
bride_elms elms_tulip yisraelm_mtzion cosmicx_dust_jerusalem

New York on view (by Wolf, Jacob, JoeFlix and Mendy):
empire_wolf jacob_lilies joeflix_parking joeflix_mendy

Mottel showed South America (Pisaq, Machu Picchu), Ilana-Davita a Hong Kong shul:
mottel_ladywaits ilanadavita_ohelleah mottel_flower_macchu

And more from Israel:
masada1234_hebronflag around_flower mominisrael_water-saving aln_einkerem

Sarah has some photography tips to share:

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Ilana-Davita says

Great job Leora and thanks for including my photo.

Robin says

Beautifully done Leora.

Yisrael Medad, Shiloh, Israel says

Thanks for your appreciation of my amateur photography skills. This collection is admirable.

G6 says

Lovely, and I'm sure a lot of hard work!

Leora says

Actually, it's gotten easier. WordPress 2.7 has a great image editor. Easy to put up thumbnails.

frumhouse says

I just love how you arrange the photos! The are highlighted so well. It's like browsing through an art gallery.

Great job!!

Cosmic X says

Thanks for the mention.

Jacob da Jew says

Thank you for including my shot even tho I neglected to submit it.

Jew Wishes says

Great job on this, Leora!

WolfishMusings says

Thanks for including my photo!

The Wolf

Mottel says

Great Job!

Jientje says

Thanks for the mini tour around the world Leora!

Batya says

A work of art!

Thank you!!

Ben-Yehudah says


Thanks for hosting. Nice job, and lay-out with "thumbnails."

Leora says

Thanks, you will were all great participants, even those that "just" left a comment! Can't have an exhibit without a public.

Jack says

Great photos. I really enjoyed this.

Leah says

Very nice JPIX post. Thanks for including my photos.

Leora says

Thank you for participating. We'll do another one in late June (and include more of your photos in that one, too).


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