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Michelle of Rambling Woods started a new meme called “Nature Notes.” I really like the idea. So I decided to divide “nature” into a few parts: flora, fauna, weather, and … everything else natural? water, dirt, air? I think her plan is for us to post on a Thursday. But I’m thinking about this now, so here goes:

  • Few flowers, other than crocus and snowdrops, have bloomed here yet.
  • But lots of green is popping its way out of the ground, such as my columbines and daffodils.
  • I saw a pretty red cardinal last week! I took a photo through the window, but it didn’t come out well, and I erased it.
  • I hope to visit the stream down the street from my home in the next few days to see how it looks.
  • It’s been alternately cold and warmish here. Today I wore my winter coat, and the sky was cloudy.
  • We often have a variety of birds visiting our backyard. A neighbor’s cat seems to like to lie in the corner near the fence.
  • I planted peas and radish on Sunday. The ground was easy to dig; I am optimistic about my spring garden.

I hope you will join in the Nature Notes meme. Even if you live in the city, there are still plants, animals and air! Right?

11 thoughts on “Nature Notes

  • Oh Leora..thank you so much for your support. Once I did it, I was afraid that nobody would join. I thought of using just Thursday, but maybe that is pressure and maybe a week long one would be better. I am open to suggestions..maybe it won’t go anywhere and it will be a mute point. I love the way you point back to previous photos. Very clever. Thank you again..

    • It’s great! Kind of a free form idea. I like that it allows me to write instead of emphasizing the photo. Of course, someone else could use it to write a little poem.

      Do you think you have the courage to do the Mr. Linky thing? Then it would be much easier to visit other Nature Notes. Or you could just encourage folks to leave a link every Thursday in your post.

      I’ve found Sky Watch a bit taxing lately (I struggle to get a good shot at sunrise or sunset and too many people participate), so Nature Notes would be a welcome change for Thursdays.

  • In just a week’s time here things have changed completely. Spring is in full force before it officially gets here.
    I think we may be just a little ahead of you. I should have some daffodils blooms any day.
    I joined in with Michelle too for the new meme. I liked your comment about the free form of it – something a little different.
    Mine’s up too.

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