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Ruby Tuesday Goes Green

Mary asked that we post green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. I wanted to show my neighbors’ house, the neighbors from my childhood that were Irish and had a green and yellow house. But I couldn’t find my old photos in time. The ones I did find had way more orange than they were supposed to! Either I had a lousy camera in my childhood or I had negligible photography skills. Or both.

Instead, enjoy my columbines as they emerge from the ground. I hope to show their pretty blossoms in May.

For more Ruby Tuesday posts (usually photos with a bit of red or a lot of red, but this week, expect green), visit:

Dot says

They look great! Hope you have lots of pretty blossoms.

Ralph says

The plant is a subtle and darker emerald, looking nice on the floor of the forest. Anything green today can be Irish...including the NJ columbine!

felisol says

Wonderful shades of green on your columbines.
I'd thought you were far ahead of us concerning spring.
We are eating Jaffa oranges now!
From Felisol

Mojo says

I'd considered planting columbines at one point in memory of the students who were killed at Columbine High School, but never could find any around here. My guess is that they don't do well in our climate.

Which is probably just as well because I have a legendary brown thumb anyway.

I'll just admire yours if that's okay!

Jeri says

Great green post - looking forward to the flowers in MAY!

Carletta says

Looking forward to the pretty blossoms.
This is definitely an emerging sign of spring.
A beautiful and healthy looking green!

Lorri says

I love this photo, and the promise of spring that it brings to the eyes.

Shinade says

Oh they look very strong and healthy. I can;t wait to see the blooms.

Happy R&GRT:-)))

Pagan Sphinx says

Oh, Columbine. Such a beautiful slower. Looks so healthy already. Lucky you!

mother in israel says

Could the pictures colors' have changed over time? Looking forward to watching the columbines progress.

Ilana-Davita says

Nice green photo. The leaves are beautiful by themselves. Looking forward to the flowers. Thanks for putting up my link.

Robin says

You're better off than me - in most of the pictures from my childhood we're all BLUE!

Columbines are such pretty flowers. I'm so delighted that it's finally spring!

Catherine says

That inspires Springtime 4 days before. That way St Patrick Day lasts all the season !
Happy Green-Ruby Tuesday, Leaora.

Rosidah Abidin says

I love the leaf shapes. It seems like they have some reddish at their borders. I'm really curious about the blossoms. Best wishes :)

Gmirage says

Wow, springing! Surely the flowers would be beautiful too!

Dianne says

they look so sweet in the middle of the winter brush

marcia @joyismygoal in TX says

The best kind of green

I love all the Irish greenery today - come see all mine I am very Irish. thanks for sharing

Tink *~*~* says

We all had lousy cameras when we were kids. Would our parents have let us use the GOOD camera? LOL!

Happy Tuesday,
Tink *~*~*

Now Playing at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* :
Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade - Red Edition!

mary/theteach says

Oh my, Leora, these look a little like clover or shamrocks... Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)


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