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Ruby Tuesday Story

Here’s a series of pics with red. I’ll let you write the story.





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Ilana-Davita says

I have been working hard on my red assignment. Time to have a nap while mom isn't looking.
Nice series; your daughter is really cute.

Leora says

while mom isn't looking? Then who is behind the camera? Dad? Bro? Unknown? ;-)

Rose says

I had the thoughts along the same line...she worked and worked, grew tired and decided it was break time. She was more tired than she knew, her eyes grew heavy and soon was fast asleep.

Leora says

The straightforward version...

Ralph says

The creative mind works so hard, as it tackles a subject with style and thought.

The creative mind must have its batteries recharged the creativity may begin anew!

Leora says

A creative approach.

Mojo says


Leora says

Tee hee. Zzzzzzzz...

Dora says

Wow! Can see that she loves red a lot. :)

Happy RT!

Leora says

I'll let you in on a secret; it's her mom that loves red, and the daughter that loves to pose. I got her to put on a lot of red just so I could use it for a Ruby Tuesday post.

Becky and Gary says

Hi, Glad you could stop by. They still do use manual switch stands mostly in the train yards. The newer switches are automatic.
This little gal is a doll, and so much red. Good post!
Have a wonderful RT.

ramblingwoods says

Is she coming down with something maybe.. It doesn't seem like she feels well....

Louise says

It's a great story!

Shinade says

Great series of red Leora. How nice to have such a wonderful helper!

Happy RT:-)))

Rosidah says

Hi Leora, nice meeting your daughter. She's a ruby herself. The center of your universe surrounded and covered up with red :). Best wishes.

eastcoastlife says

Looks like you have quite a bit of red at home.

The poor darling is so tired after doing her homework, she just fell asleep on the sofa.

Becky and Gary says

Thanks again for stopping by. It does get really cold out here, and this morning it is -8º, and will get even colder by daybreak. We're all so tired of winter, and patiently waiting for Spring!
Have a great day.

Robin says

What a sweetheart she is posing for your RT post.

Patti V. says

Aw, she got tired doing all her crafts and posing for mom! It was time to nap.

Your daughter looks a lot like you, Leora ;-) You're lucky she likes to pose.

Happy Ruby Tuesday

Carletta says

Once upon a time a lovely little girl sat at her kitchen table have the most marvelous time drawing and coloring pictures for a special little project. It had been a long day and even though the activity was pleasurable she soon tired. She thought she would take a quick break on the nearby couch; but soon she was fast asleep with her magical red glasses in her hand. While dreaming, a wish she had made carried her to a land of smiling teddy bears and talking frogs. Back home only a pile of discarded shoes and coats and bookbags remained.
My RT is here this week: Carletta’s Captures.

Leora says

What a wonderful story. You do have the storytelling gift, Carletta. ;-)

soulbrush says

what a little cutie pie.

Tink *~*~* says

Clearly, artistic genius is quite draining, and one requires one's beauty rest to refortify.


Tink *~*~*
NOW PLAYING at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* :
Strolling EPCOT’s World Showcase at Walt Disney World

Leora says

Tink, another great storyteller, and this tale so condensed! ;-)

The Jewish Side says

wow, you've got lots of magnets on your fridge.
looks like your daughter is making a book.
It's so nice to see how you encourage her with her creativity that way.
She makes a good model :-)
that's a lot of red stuff you got.
It looks like she just went to sleep.
I like Carletta's story.


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