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Some of you wondered how snowdrops look when they come up out of the ground.
(see Sunday’s post of snowdrops)

Don’t they look like little lamp posts? Later they “spray” open their petals a bit.

Crocus photos will appear on this blog on Sunday.

Mrs. S. says

Very pretty, and yes, they DO look like little lamp posts...

Shabbat Shalom!

Robin says

Very pretty, and very springlike :).

ramblingwoods says

I didn't know what they looked like either. Very delicate, yet they come up before anything else. You asked about 'nature notes'. I do hope to make it a weekly thing and I would be happy to have to write a post.

Leora says

I just took a walk (the excuse was to mail a letter), and I looked at some nature on the way, trying to come up with ideas for your new Nature Notes meme. I love it!

Paz says

These are precious-looking!


Lorri says

This is a lovely photo, and I love how delicate the snowdrops look.

mother in israel says

Those are so pretty.

Ilana-Davita says

To me they look like light bulbs or glass lampshades. Beautiful anyway.


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