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Today’s Flowers: Forsythia

I look forward to this bud, photo taken last week, turning into this:

forsythia, harbinger of spring
forsythia, harbinger of spring, Spring 2008

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Today's Flowers

ramblingwoods says

Soon...soon...spring will come....

Ilana-Davita says

I am not sure our forsyhtia has buds yet. I'll have to go and have a look.

Darla says

I know you are looking forward to seeing it bloom. Spring is closer now!!

Gill says

that is so encouraging to see that, Spring is slowly coming.....

Gill in Canada

Louise says

One of my favorite things in the spring, but they are not common here. I miss them.

Arija says

At least things are moving in the right direction. My Forsythia has been murdered by our drought.

Valkyrien says

I'm not sure if I know this bud/flower - I just love the sight of something growing! I have seen some small buds in the snow in Oslo - so soon spring is here!

Barbara says

I am so ready for spring. It's nice to see that the buds are forming and soon will be beautiful flowers.
Smiles B

Denise says

Lovely photos Leora, uplifting.

Raven says

Love the yellow colour it looks so gentle and serene.

kayleen says

Yup spring is coming...thankfully! Thanks for sharing.

Pat says

Ah! I do love the bright yellow of forsythia. Your photos are great!

Rosidah says

Don't you just love forests and spring. Ah... so calming and relaxing even though just through a photo. I wish I could be there on the actual spot. Best wishes :)

Mckay says

Encouraging shots of the coming spring.

Lilli says

Hopefully it won't be long

Sara Chapman in Seattle says

What a great reminder. I'll have to go outside and check my little forsythia plant. Great post!

Paz says

the bud shows so much promise! i love the yellow flowers, too!


guild-rez says

Love your picture..
Forsythia are easy to force indoors as well.
They bloom right now in my livingroom.
But of all the spring-flowering shrubs, the easiest and most popular to force into bloom this month is forsythia. Placed in a blue glass vase, the twigs of delicate bright yellow flowers can look magical.

Leora says

I've been meaning to try this. But today I would have to trudge through several inches of snow to get to the plant.

Jew Wishes says

Lovely photos! Spring is around the corner, although from the snowfall we received last night, you'd never know it.

I know you are about to get the snow, too.

Leora says

Yup, it's here (the snow), along with yowling winds!

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

Hey, Leora! The buds are starting to break in New Jersey! Spring is moving further and further north. ;-)

Leora says

Spring took a break in moving north; we got several inches dumped last night, more today.

Robin says

Spring is finally coming! I love forsythia. We had a beautiful bush in my front yard when I was growing up, it always reminds me of home :).

Luiz says

Your flowers are starting look like bud!
Wonderful post!

Thanks for posting!


Maria says

I saw a tree with buds like on your first photo yesterday in our parks, but forsythia is not yet blooming here. We still have to wait some days, or maybe two weeks, then the fairies will have fulfilled their spell :)

Judy says

i have also been meaning to try forcing some branches - i shall take the clippers when i do the compost run this evening!!
thanks for spurring me onward!

Happily Retired Gal says

Beautiful signs of Spring! May it arrive soon for you ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

The Jewish Side says

When I saw that picture, the bud reminded me of one of those toys that has a long yellow stick and a red claw like grabbing thing, that boys like playing with.

Carletta says

Imagine my surprise to see your forsythia bud after posting a forced forsythia bloom on mine!
They take me back to my childhood. Dad planted one when we moved into my childhood home and it's still there in Mom's yard today.


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