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8 Photo Memes to Improve Your Photography Skills

A photo meme is about sharing: you put up your photos on your blog, then you put the link on the photo meme blog. Most important, you visit as many other players as you can and comment on their blogs. If you just add your own link but don’t visit and comment, you are missing out on the best part of a photo meme.

  1. Today’s Flowers

    I love photographing flowers. Here are just a few flowers I have submitted:
    nasturtium magnolia_sky Forsythia, March 2009

  2. rubyslippers

    Ruby Tuesday

    Hosted by Mary, all you need to do is post a photo with a little bit of red or a lot of red. Some tell great stories or add descriptions to go with their red photo(s). Others let the photo speak.

  3. Watery Wednesday

    Hosted by 2sweetnsaxy, water abounds. View water pictures from all around the globe.

  4. Sepia Scenes


    If you want to pick a photography meme in which you will learn a variety of photo editing techniques, this is the one to try. Everyone posts a photo in sepia, the tan brownish color that was sometimes used in old photographs. You can achieve sepia toning either by setting your camera to a sepia setting or you can use a photo editor like Photoshop to get good results. I haven’t participated in a while, but my favorite sepia post was of my daughter’s ballet class. You’ll see how I left in some of the color.

    Here’s a post on free design software.

  5. Thursday Challenge


    Photographers who don’t play any other memes often play this one. A theme is set each Thursday for the next week. At right are the pottery bowls I photographed for the last time I played this meme. I remarked how much I have learned in the past year about photography from playing all these different memes.

  6. Sky Watch Friday

    A photo meme with photos of sunrises, sunsets, blue skies, gray skies, pink skies, dark skies and any other kind of sky posted by bloggers all over the planet: you might also learn about clouds, weather and hydrology, too.

  7. Photo Hunt

    Janet of Fond of Snape has a wonderful post of purple for the latest Photo Hunt. A few weeks ago EG Wow hunted and found stripes.

  8. Weekly Winners

    Jientje of Heaven is in Belgium plays this meme. Savor over her latest weekly winners.

How can you learn by playing photo memes? Many of the participants are excellent photographers. If you see a photo you like, feel free to ask a question in your comment. On some of these memes, such as Sepia Scenes, photographic tips are often given. Some photo bloggers post camera information on their posts or on the sidebar of their blog. Again, show interest and ask questions. People love flattery!

Warning: these photo memes are addictive. Be prepared to want to participate often. And enjoy the new friends you gather as you click and post.

Janet says

awww, Leora, thank you!

Jientje says

Addictive yes. So true. But you LEARN TO USE THAT CAMERA so well by handling it every day. And you meet so many friends along the way too.

The weekly Winners is not hosted by me, mind you, people looking to participate can follow the link by clicking on the banner. That one is all about posting your favourite photo's of the week. It was the first photo meme I ever joined and I would not miss it for the world!
I owe my photo skills to that meme!

Leora says

Right, they need to click on the link on the left that says Weekly Winners to find out more:

Jientje says

Forgot to say THANK you for the link!!!

Jew Wishes says

Great set of links, Leora!

Indeed, they are addictive.

Ilana-Davita says

I had never heard of the two last ones. Thanks for teaching me something new.

Leora says

Both of those are weekend ones (Friday or Saturday). So for people who have more time on those days, that's great. If you observe Shabbat like we do, we would always be late. But I do like looking at those memes on Janet's and Jientje's blogs.

Ilana-Davita says

Never mind. It's not as if we didn't have enough memes in which to take part!

ramblingwoods says

This is a great idea..I was aware of most, but not all. Thanks for putting this together Leora..

Gail says

What a great post - thanks! I keep meaning to give one of these memes a try, but have not had the time. When my chem class is over and done, maybe.

Leora says

Sounds like chem has really given you a time of it.

You should try Today's Flowers. You already have so many beautiful flower photographs. It's on Sunday afternoons EST, so easy time to put up a post and enjoy the other flower posts, too.

Gail says

I had no clue what I was getting myself into with this class!

I'll keep Today's Flowers in mind. Thanks for the suggestion.

Dhaval Jani says

I have decided to post atleast one picture per day and I knew you mentioned about meme's some where so looked up for this post as this will help me stay on track:) Thanks.


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