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Horses of Barnum Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden, NYC, April 2009
Horses of Barnum Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden, NYC, April 2009

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Flowers: Forsythia, Daffodil, Red Tulip and Magnolia

Spring in New York City

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  • Blogger vs. A comprehensive look at the two free blogging platforms (the chart is a bit difficult to read, but information is good. I like the factors in the left column; may use some of these for a WordPress vs. Drupal post)
    Note: I use a installation on my own website, so that is different than using those free systems that are hosting on someone else’s website
  • Hillel Fuld on Ten Things you Must Know before Using Twitter (and you can wish him Mazel Tov on his new baby girl)
  • There is a custom called gebrochts, in which some Ashkenazi Jews do not eat soaked matza during Pesach. This means not eating matzo balls on Pesach, for example. Custom stringencies vary; for example, some families do not eat cream cheese on matzah. Mrs. S. posts about eating gebrochts the week after Pesach; sounds like this is her own innovation and a good way to use up the leftover matzah.
  • Rick Black, a friend, local Highland Park resident and award-winning poet, emailed me that his brother is the creator of the Jewish Writing Project. I guess the creativity gene runs in his family.
Ilana-Davita says

Great photo! You are getting more and more professional.

Leora says

Thanks so much! I actually used my older camera, my Canon PowerShot. It was smaller and easier to bring to the city, and I don't yet own a zoom lens for my new one (plan to buy one before my next trip to NYC, which will be for the Israel Day Parade).

I love Canon PowerShots! Great camera to learn a lot and take a lot.

Mrs. S. says

Thanks for the link.
Yes, it was my own innovation. The kids always crave the gebrochts which they see their cousins (from my side) eating on Pesach. And so this way, they don't feel deprived. (Although our oldest daughter has already said that she plans on IY"H marrying someone who eats gebrochts... :-) )

Have a great week!

Batya from Shiloh says

We eat gebrocts, but one of my daughters never liked the general Ashkenaz psak on anything. She married a Tunisian. They're the most maikel of all. Even she was surprised at first.

Lorri/Jew Wishes says

You've been busy, busy, as usual. Lovely photo!

Jack says

I am familiar with the minhag, but don't think that I could ever give up Matzah balls at my seder.


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