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Ruby Tuesday Tulip

My neighbor's red tulip, March 2009
My neighbor's red tulip, March 2009

Do you ever feel like you really should be doing X (whatever your X may be), but instead you take out a few minutes to put together a post for Ruby Tuesday? I really should be getting ready for Passover, but I know I won’t have time next week (I’m taking my daughter to the circus on Monday, and on Tuesday I must get ready for the last days of Passover). Maybe I’ll have circus pics in two weeks? We’ll see.

Pictured is the first red tulip in my neighbor’s garden. Two years ago he planted similar tulips, and last year I painted this watercolor in response to his lovely tulips:

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Per Stromsjo says

Lovely tulip.

Visited the cottage yesterday, only last years' leaves in droves and scattered remnants of snow - that's as far as we've come in the spring department.

Thanks for sharing!

felisol says

The tulip will only blossom for a few weeks.
Your stunning painting is a work of art to be.
The girl's shy body language, the way her skirt folds.
My admiration is full and undivided.
From Felisol

Catherine says

Wonderful watercolor, Leora. You're really skilled. So delicate.
A nice touch of Red in your neighbour's garden !

Ralph says

That is a beautiful watercolor, the subject not so much shy as enjoying the delicate beauty of the tulip. She is obviously enraptured by its simple beauty...

Dot says

Wow! Beautiful tulip and the painting is VERY nice.

Vicki says

It's too early for tulips here, so it's nice to see yours already shining through. Very pretty watercolor there, too.

Shoshana says

It's certainly more pleasant than taxes which is due in 9 days! or 8 if you count today as gone

Leora says

Ooops. Sorry to hear the taxes still loom. Ruby Tuesday is a lot more pleasant than paying taxes. Even cleaning for Passover is better than doing taxes.

eastcoastlife says

It's rare to see tulips grown in Singapore. Tulips will not grow in this tropical island but we can buy them from the florists.

I like the water colour painting, you are such a talent.

Carletta says

A lovely pop of spring in your neighbor's garden!
I adore your painting! You have much talent Leora. I hope you get a chance to paint often - it would be a shame if you didn't.
Best wishes for a fun Passover celebration!

Leora says

After Passover, it's gardening season. But when it gets super hot in the summer, I might want to stay indoors and paint some of my inspirations from the spring. At least with watercolor, there's not a lot of set up and clean up.

Ilana-Davita says

No tulips here yet; at least not that I have seen. Nice to combine a photo and a painting.

Dora says

A nice ruby! Good colour contrast between the flower and the background.

Mottel says

What a beautiful Tulip (it reminds me of last summer in Holland) and an even nicer painting!
Wishing you a Kosher and Freilcihen Pesach

Leora says

You, too, Mottel. I couldn't tell from your tweets where you were going for Pesach. Wherever it is, enjoy.

East Gwillimbury WOW! says

You draw so well!

A tulip already? We don't even have daffodils yet! But hey! We got 6 to 8 inches of snow last night. Can you beat that? Hmmm. I wish I could say it was a lie. ;-)

Leora says

Snow! If I were where you are, at least my cross-country skis that are gathering dust in the attic would get used a bit.

Gmirage says

haha, yes, I am supposed to do homework for school but I made my RT post first! Love the painting!

bj says

Beautiful red flower but I love the painting you did even more. Very nice, indeed...
xo bj

Patti V. says

That is a gorgeous watercolor, Leora. You are truly talented. The little girl seems to be in awe of nature.

It's nice to see a real tulip poking its way through the ground! Spring is almost here.
It is a perfect red for Ruby Tuesday.

Happy Passover to you and yours, Leora.

Lorri says

Lovely tulip, vivid and filled with spring joy.

Pesach preparations are becoming less frustrating, and the craziness is wearing off. I hope it is going well for you.

I remember this beautiful painting from last year. I love the way the girl is positioned.

I must get out and take photos of my tulips.

Chag sameach. Have a joyful Pesach!

Denise says

Leora, you're a lady of many talents. You create such great posts, take beautiful photographs and now I see you are a talented artist. Your painting like everything else is wonderful.

Raven says

What a beautiful burst of Spring color. Your painting is wonderful. Wish I had the talent for such things.

soulbrush says

what a beautiful image. chag semeach for pesach.

Martha says

I love red, I love red tulips, and your watercolor is beautiful. I am not very artistic, I think that is why I love photography.

Leora says

And one of the things I love about photographers like yourself is you can appreciate my art! Thank you.

Laura Peterson says

Nothing says spring like tulips!!

amanda says

The water color you did is beautiful, you have a wonderful talent!

please use this link to see my ruby tuesday,

Judy says

I love tulips and your watercolor is awesome.

ramblingwoods says

I do love watercolors. My mother works with them a lot...

medam961 says

I love your painting very much as well as the colors that you chose. I also like the pose of the girl and it seems to me that she relates so gently and with some special feeling that she has towards the red tulip. As if it is the first one she has ever seen…as if it brings back some special memories to her. You are very talented artist.


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