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Spring in New York City

Yesterday my daughter and I (and her friend and her friend’s sister and her friend’s mom, who arranged the whole trip) went to New York City. When you are six years old, this is a real adventure. I enjoy when my daughter is inspired, awed, and thrilled with a trip. The top photo was taken outside Macy’s; to me, it says “Spring in New York City.”

Our first stop after riding a double-decker New Jersey transit car (we rode on the top level) and venturing through Penn Station, a sight in itself if you don’t have to go there every day was Macy’s, for the Macy’s Flower Show. As you may be able to see above, the flowers were situated above the stations that sell jewelry. Tours were going round every half hour explaining the different flowers on display. My daughter took a photo of one of the three flowered flamingos (I’ll save that photo for a future post, as it needs a bit of Photoshop work to cut off someone’s head that shouldn’t have been in the composition). I didn’t care for the noise inside Macy’s, but I did enjoy when the perfume ladies gave their scented cards to my curious and inquisitive daughter (she learn to ask for a card with a perfume scent after the first two were handed to her).

Here is a hint of the Barnum Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden; more about the circus in a future post (or two or three).

GP says

ah memories what memories... especially the "special treat" going to the circus was ...

gp who rode her mare in the snow today after saying the perfunctory pre-ride Shema:)

Leora says

This was actually my first trip ever to the circus! It really is quite a show. I love all the dancing and the elephants, and how one thing is going on in one area and another is beginning on the other side.

Jew Wishes says

I love these photos! The first one is a wonderful tribute to spring.

I'm a native New Yorker, from Babylon, Long Island, and remember wonderful trips to the city with my parents. Macy's was always on the agenda, along with Central Park, and other memorable places.

Your photos took me back in time.

Klara Le Vine says

and taking me future into time - I'll be there in about a month - and welcome all tips

Last time I was there I wasn't thrilled - maybe I didn't know where to look?? all I saw were tall tall buildings.

Leora says

I'm not a big city person myself. But all those tall and big in NYC do make good shots with perspective. I don't care for the noise and some of the rude people.

Paz says

Lovely photos.

I'm glad that you all had a good time in the city. I love how your daughter learned to ask for the perfumed cards. What a natural and smart shopper. ;-)


ramblingwoods says

I remember my mother taking me to NY when I was your daughter's age...she will remember it forever..

medam says

Great time you had there and great photos you have taken!

Jientje says

No picture can show Spring in New York better than the first one! Wow!! I can tell you had fun, and I'm glad you had such a good time!!

Denise says

Hi Leora, what an exciting trip with your daughter. Memories that will certainly be cherished in the years ahead. Lovely photos! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Always a pleasure to visit here.

Mrs. S. says

Sounds like a fun day! I look forward to reading about your other stops...

Ilana-Davita says

I'm sure your daughter must have been thrilled.
Great photos!


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